James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Monday, August 15, 2011

She still hates cake...

Lola's second birthday was a crazy, crazy day.

Between doctor appointments (me), school crap (Reece), eating+sleeping+pooping (James) and driving up to a cabin in the Uintas (all of us), we didn't have much time to breathe, let alone celebrate in the traditional way.

But the bird didn't seem to mind.
She was quite the trooper (except when we tried to tell her she was now 2 -- in true female fashion, the increase in age was almost just too much for her to take and she threw a fit), and was perfectly content telling anyone and everyone who would listen, "Happy birthday Yoya?"
(said in an inquiring tone for reasons unbeknownst to her parents)

Plus, she loved her birthday dress which was about a size too big (go me) but worked perfectly for twirling.
While I was at the doctor appointment from h-e-doublehockeysticks (more on that later... or maybe not), Reece and the kids hung out at Nana Cyndi's house where Lola received the first of her birthday spoils.

Enter the Nemo bubble gun.

 Yeah, clearly it was a hit.
James and I went to Target while Lola slept to pick up some birthday essentials:
The last thing this child needs is more toys, so this year she got the next best thing (or the better thing, in Lola's mind): Band-Aids.

Don't worry, I'm baffled too.

 Lola decided to sleep through most of her birthday, which was kind of awesome since she's been nap striking lately.
When she finally did wake up, we went to the Pizza Factory with her Ivins family for an impromptu pizza party.

 Lola ate one bite of bread stick and then begged for a sucker.
Since it was her birthday (and to avoid a public tantrum), we complied.
It's a good thing too, because check out these adorable cousins and their candy:

 Of course the highlight for the birthday girl was a hand-in-hand stroll with her soon-to-be uncle Justin.

She didn't seem time mind the slight height difference.

Lola and I walked to Barnes & Noble to pick out her traditional birthday book.
This year's gem: "There is a Bird on Your Head!" by one of our favorite authors, Mo Willems.

She "read" it aloud to us on our way up to Uncle Jason's family cabin, where we commenced part two of the celebration with my family.

I've never heard a little person say "PRESENTS!" so many times in such a short period.

 Then came time for the cake.

If you'll remember, last year's cake was a disaster.
Well, not the cake itself, but Lola's response to it.
She screamed as if she'd seem someone kick a puppy.

 So I'll admit, I was curious to see how she would do with her sugary nemesis this year.
We steered clear of all things floral and instead went with a ladybug.
Who doesn't love ladybugs?

Apparently my kid.
Fear was replaced with, well... indifference.

 Try as I might to get her pumped about the prospect of 928743981904872390874 calories worth of sugary goodness, she was far too interested in her new coloring books to bother with such trivial things.

She refused to even blow out the candle.
I guess that's what we get for presenting it to her at 11:30 at night.

It was a lovely, albeit chaotic day.
I hope my baby enjoyed it.

We love our (sometimes) terrible 2-year-old.


AJ and Cindy said...

what a great celebration! First of all, I love her dress, where did you find it? Second, I had that same book picked out to give to her but then I wasn't sure which books you already had by him...so I guess it's a good thing I put it back! :) Anyways, wish we could have gotten together but we will see you soon! Happy Birthday Lola, we love you!

Anonymous said...

She is seriously so cute Jess!

Ryan and Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday, Lola! She is so adorable and that dress is so cute! You have two of the cutest kids ever! :)

Abby said...

Amazing pictures! I love the dress, and I didn't think it looked too big, either!