James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Friday, August 12, 2011

A baby no more...

Dear Lola Maria,

Today, at precisely 9:10 a.m., you turn two years old.
A fact that, quite frankly, makes me want to cry.

Mostly because I'm a bit overcome by how much I love you, how much I admire you, how much I want to be more like you and how much you've changed me over the past two years.

And I guess if I'm being honest, I'm a little sad too.
Sad because my first baby is truly a baby no more.

I clearly remember the first time I saw you.
The first time you looked at me with your big, beautiful, brown eyes and then stuck your tongue out at me.
You were so tiny, so new, so absolutely perfect.

I couldn't believe you were mine, and I knew you were going to keep me on my toes.

At two years old, you are officially a little girl.
A little girl with a big heart.
A heart that is filled with love and goodness and purity and joy -- something I know will never, ever change.

At two years old, you make me laugh harder than I ever have.
Your wit, your sense of humor and your ability to make even the heaviest situations seem light will serve you well as you get older, and I love being able to witness it all on an everyday basis.

At two years old, you remind me that life is full of contradictions.
You scream at me and scowl and me and make me crazy, and then two seconds later you tell me you love me and give me one of your wet kisses and I melt into a puddle and want to hold you in my arms forever.

These past two years have helped me realize that you are all that matters.
You and your brother and your dad.
As long as I have you in my life little girl, I will be OK.

You make me strong.
You make me better.
You make me so very, very happy.

Thank you for a wonderful two years, my love.
You are so incredibly beautiful, inside and out.

Happy, happy birthday to you.
Please don't be terrified of your cake like you were last year -- I promise it won't bite.

Love you always,