James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Palm Springs: Part One...

Since this thing is too far gone to play any organized game of catch up, I'll just go with the highlights of the past six months or so.

We went to Palm Springs!

The Wheatleys did some trade with the owners of what would reveal itself to be my dream house and kindly invited us to tag along.
Really, this house was un. real.

But more on that later.

With four kids under the age of four between the two families, we decided to break up the long drive by spending a weekend in Vegas.

I'll be honest - two days in Vegas were about a day and a half too many.
I'm not the biggest fan of the strip and HOLY MACKEREL it was hot.

But we did manage to have some fun while we were in sin city.
After six hours in the car, we gave our legs a welcome stretch by walking the strip.

We started with dinner at Grimaldis (obviously), a jaunt down the runway at Fashion Show and a solemn visit to the guys who would become tiger food before calling it quits after our feet started screaming at us inside the Bellagio.

 The next day was Easter.
When one (who is poor) spends Easter on the Las Vegas Strip, one eats Easter breakfast at Dennys.

Yep, sad - but true.

We splurged a little and took the kids to the dolphin habitat at the Mirage - an activity that proved itself to be completely rad for young and old.

The kids were entranced, Reece nearly had a joy-induced heart attack and I seriously considered leaving journalism all together in exchange for life as a professional dolphin watcher (not trainer because I'm secretly terrified of swimming with giant sea creatures - plus, remember what happened to the killer whale trainer at Sea World?).

 We met up with the Wheatleys for more strip walking, which sounds scandalous when I put it into type.
We explored the south end of the strip which is definitely the snazzier part.
Even my Vegas-loathing heart went all pitter-pattery over the lobby of the Mandarin Oriental.

Also, there's a Pinkberry.
Enough said.

 Thus concludes the Vegas chapter of our Palm Springs adventure.
I choose to leave out the part about our nasty hotel overcharging us and our horrifying trip to Walmart in search of baby Tylenol.

Over and out.