James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Getting here...

The days leading up to our big move were chaotic, sleepless and fueled by caffeine and chocolate.

Thank the heavens for our movers, who boxed up the junk that survived the cut (HOW do we have so much stuff?) and hauled it away in a giant truck.
Honestly at this point I'd be willing to pay someone to make that truck disappear, because I wouldn't mind starting from scratch.

Moving is the worst.

As bad as the sorting, packing, hauling and tossing was, the hardest part -- hands down -- was saying goodbye to our families.

 Lola coped with her pain by going into hiding.

 Already missin' those people so much.

So let's talk about the day we hauled two kids, six bags and two live cats across the airport, shall we?
I pray I never ever ever ever have to do that again.

 Oh James.
He has this thing for finding the dirtiest floors imaginable and plopping down right in the middle of them for some rest and relaxation.
The diseases!

The babies were great on the flight (which thankfully is a short one).
Lola loved having a window seat and made sure to inform me every time she saw a bird or a house or a "mashmellow."

And then she asked me to take a picture of her, which I thought was quite adorable.
She probably figured it was inevitable anyway, with me as her mother.

Ain't Rainier purdy?

One of the many advantages to living in Seattle last summer was the essential survival knowledge I acquired.
For example, I already know -- almost to the mile -- exactly how close the nearest McDonald's to the airport happens to be.
Valuable information for a woman in desperate need of a $1 Diet Dr. Pepper.

We spent the day grabbing essentials, stocking our fridge and getting acquainted with our temporary home on Mercer Island.

In so many ways, it feels like we never left.
We've been able to pick up where we left off in a sense, and for that I'm grateful.
Especially since that pesky thing called homesickness threatens to break down my door when I'm laying in bed at night.

But I'm so happy to be in such a beautiful place with this little family of mine.


Jodi Escalante said...

Wow! Sounds like we have had a similar month: packing and moving. 2 years ago we had a difficult time leaving our families in Utah when we moved to Connecticut for Michael's MBA. However, when Michael finished his program 2 weeks ago and we were done with our time in Connecticut, it was difficult to leave. Michael and I drove to Utah and arrived a few days ago (we sent Dominic to Utah on the plane with Grandma!). Too bad we didn't get to overlap in Utah! Michael starts work (in Boston) the beginning of August, so we will be here until then: enjoying one last summer break. When does your hubby start work?

Hector, Kimberly, Alex and Gabe said...

Hi Jessica:) I stumbled upon your blog the other day, I guess we have multiple mutual friends:) we went to the same high school, and you look familiar:) anyway, we moved to Seattle about two years ago and I have been through the rental search and the safe city, best schools, lots of young family search. We are in Issaquah now which is about 15 minute east of merc island and my hubby works down town Seattle next to Pikes Place. It was hard when we got here cause find a place here is very different than finding a place in Utah:) if you have any questions or want to know what I found in all my searches just let me know, I wish someone had answered my questions two years ago:) here is my email. Hectors_chick@hotmail.com good luck!!!