James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Aint no party like a cupcake party...

Since we were still in Seattle on Lola's actual birthday, we ended up throwing her a little friend party in September.
This whole un-birthday thing is becoming quite the theme in our family.

When I asked Lola what she would like to do for her birthday, she gave me one requirement: cupcakes.
 The Chocolate sells cupcakes.
It's also a ridiculously charming little shop.

So I reserved a room and let the cupcake experts do all the work for me.
 It was fabulous.

With 25 kids under the age of five (and their parents), it was a little crazy and slightly chaotic, but mostly just a really great time. 
We always love an excuse to get be with family and close friends.

 The cupcake fairy taught the kids how to achieve the perfect frosting swirl, then let them do the rest of the decorating.
So much frosting consumed... so little cupcake.

 Lola was in heaven.
She has the most darling little buddies, and to have them all in the same room at the same time nearly did her in.

 My oh my, how we love this little three-year-old.

Shouldn't she still look like this?

After the last guest had left and the last cupcake devoured (by someone who wishes to remain anonymous because she may have downed three of them... and it may have been me), we loaded deliriously happy little girl into the car and listened to her chat about her friends and her cousins and her treat box all the way home.

Special thanks to all who came and made the day so special for Lola (and her parents).
And a VERY special thanks to my patient husband, who didn't kill me when I went into panic mode several times in the days leading up to the shindig.  

He's a good egg.
Stress brings out the flesh-eating zombie in me, and he's a well-trained survivor. 

What are we going to do without our people when we move away?


AJ and Cindy said...

That was such a fun and delightful party. We were so happy we were able to celebrate with you guys!

PS loving all the updates!

Amy said...

a. your children are adorable.
b. i want your pizza plates.
c. the sweet tooth fairy thanks you for my business as now I NEEEEEED a cupcake.