James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dinner and a felony...

Kelly kindly offered to watch our babies so Reece and I could go on a little Seattle date.
I miss dating my husband.

He made reservations at Lola, which only proves our children own every corner of our brains.
It was so lovely to spend a few hours chatting and laughing and just sitting alone together -- a rarity these days.
The food was stellar -- not that I would have expected anything less from a restaurant with such a name.

We wandered around the city a bit, stopping by the Belltown community garden we've been wanting to check out since we moved in.
This neighborhood is so beautiful.

We walked along the waterfront and were completely creeped out by the eye benches near the sculpture park.
Really, what kind of person can sit and relax on a freakin' eye?
Gross, Seattle.
Just gross.

 Nothing says romance like trespassing, at least in Reece's book.
He somehow convinced me to climb over all the construction barriers (IN A DRESS) to the incomplete footbridge that runs from the waterfront to our front door.

The bridge was supposed to be done back in March, but aside from the lovely pounding of the jackhammer from about 5 to 7 every other morning, we haven't seen (or heard, rather) many signs of progress.
I figure it will be done the day after we move out.

Reece's desire to avoid walking long distances can be compared to the adrenaline rush that allows people to do seemingly impossible things.
You know, like pull someone from a burning building or swim a mile to shore with a broken leg.
Stuff like that.

So we trespassed.
And luckily lived to tell the tale.

It's what keeps this marriage alive.

Love that crazy daredevil of mine.


Caitlin said...

So fun Jess! So i've only been a mom for 9 days, but! already, I understand how much the one on one time with your husband is so infringed upon. So cheers to keeping the love alive!! I love those reminders where you step back and think, "man, I really did marry the perfect person for me!" Such a good feeling. Love you and your little family!