James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Seattle Aquarium, among other things...

We wanted to pack in as much as we could while Alysha and Jason were here, so we didn't really ever stop moving.

We headed up to Kerry Park, a place we'll likely take every visitor we have this summer.
I could spend an entire day up there on a bench with a Diet Dr. Pepper, some chocolate and a good book.
In fact, I'm adding that to the bucket list...

We walked down to the market to pick up our flowers for the week.
I still can't get over how inexpensive and beautiful they are.
How will I ever live without them?

 There's a man who sits on the corner of Pine Street with his piano, serenading all who pass with his beautiful music.
He's become one of my favorite elements of the market.
I love him.

 Lola worked up the courage to pat the pig this week.
It was a big step for her, and she was rewarded with a space noodle balloon from the balloon guy (which, for the record, popped within 30 minutes of its purchase).

Since we were nearby, we took Alysha and Jason to the infamous gum wall -- a decision I immediately regretted.
Why on earth does this thing exist?
It makes me want to gag, run away, take a shower with bleach and die all at the same time.

We headed down to the waterfront to pay a visit to the aquarium.
Once inside, my husband and children were convinced we should move in and become marine biologists.

 While watching the seals, Lola turned to Reece and asked, "Dad, where are their feet?"
When Reece explained that seals have fins instead of feet, Lola nodded her head and seemed to have accepted the explanation until about five minutes later, when she put her head in her hands and yelled, "Wait, what did you say?"

Seals can't wear shoes.
Blew. Her. Mind.

 From the aquarium we walked along the waterfront toward home.
 I really, truly can't get over how beautiful this city is, rain and all.

We were lulled in by the view at the Olympic Sculpture Park, which is about half a mile from our apartment.
Lola ran around in the grass while we watched the sun set over Elliott Bay.

 We ended the day with a late dinner, strawberry shortcake and Sleepless in Seattle.
And now I want a houseboat on Lake Union...


AJ and Cindy said...

brings back so many good memories! such a fun city