James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Root, root, root for the home team...

The only way to watch baseball is from the stands.
Somehow, the magic gets lost through the television screen.

We found cheap tickets to the Mariners vs. Angels game and introduced our babies to America's pastime.

Safeco Field is incredible.
The views of the city are stellar, and it's right on the water (well, sort of).

 Our seats were smack dab in the middle of nosebleed heaven, but we were in the shade and had a great view of the field.

For the first fifteen minutes or so, Lola and James were enthralled.
Both children clapped wildly along with the crowd at all the appropriate times while at the same time stuffing their mouths full of Auntie Alysha's kettle corn.

James flirted with the people behind us -- or more accurately -- with their giant pointing glove thing you see at every sporting event in the country.
Lola watched the seagulls very carefully.
Especially when they started dropping bombs on unsuspecting spectators below.

It was Flashback Day at Safeco, so the Mariners played under their old team name -- the Raniers -- and wore the old team uniform.
It was very cool.

It was a beautiful evening for a ballgame.
Brought back memories of going to A's and Giants games when I was in the peak of my tomboy stage as a kid.

 We have no idea if the Mariners won, because the kids decided they were done during the 8th inning.
It's a good thing the actual game isn't the real reason one comes to the ballpark, right?

I'll be dragging my family back to Safeco to watch the Mariners take on my Giants.
The secret is to bring enough kettle corn to keep the babies (and Reece) occupied...