James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Monday, June 11, 2012

A little shopping, a little walking, a lot of eating...

Saturdays are our favorite days here in Seattle, mainly because Reece can join us on our adventures.
Poor guy is usually exhausted from a busy work week, but he's always a great sport and tags along without complaint (as long as I promise to buy him a cookie at the market).

Last Saturday we walked up to the Seattle Center to catch the monorail downtown.
It seems there is always something going on at the Seattle Center, and that day was no exception -- the Seattle Science Festival had taken over.

We walked around for a bit and checked out a few of the exhibits.
Reece was glued to the Boeing booth -- they sucked him in with the promise of paper airplanes.

 And then my family wandered into a giant colon.
Yes, I mean that very literally.

Nothing could top that experience, so from there we headed to the monorail.
My kids never get sick of this ride, and to be honest, neither do Reece and I.

Much to my husband's dismay, the monorail drops you off right in the heart of Seattle's shopping district.
We wandered around Westlake Center for as long as Reece would allow.

 And then it was time to get Reece his cookie.

 Lola picked out her flowers -- pink peonies this week -- and I tasted a pistachio macaron from Le Panier (which. was. to. die. for.)
Reece treated us all to a giant molasses ginger cookie from Three Girls Bakery.

I doubt I'll ever tire of our weekly trips to the market.

We walked to the waterfront in search of food that wasn't a baked good and ended up at Anthony's for fish and chips (because battered and fried cod is so much better than a cookie...) with some of Reece's Microsoft friends.

 We ended the day with a bang.
Every week the Pacific Science Center screens mainstream movies in its IMAX theatres.
One of our friends kindly offered to sit with our sleeping babes so we could catch The Avengers with another Microsoft couple.

A date with my honey in this kickin' city?
Yes please.

 Oh how I love Saturdays.