James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Monday, April 30, 2012

Whales and dolphins and seals, oh my...

Every morning my parents would drag my lazy behind out of bed and force me down to the beach for a long run.
And I'm so, so glad they did.

First of all, coming to sea level from the land of mountains gave me so much air in my lungs that I honestly felt like I could run forever.
Secondly, running alongside the ocean is SO. MUCH. BETTER. than running on the treadmill at home.

Because as much as I love catching up on my shows during a workout, this view is pretty much unbeatable...

Good glory, I would become an ultra-marathoner if I lived on the beach.

It was almost as though the ocean saw fit to reward us for breaking a sweat, because every day, without fail, we'd spot a pod of dolphins racing along the shore with us.
Or a whale rolling lazily along the waves.
Or a group of seals surfing and fishing with the pelicans.

Pure magic, if you ask me.

One evening we trudged down to the shore to watch the sunset.

Please notice my daughter's method of securing herself on her father's shoulders.
Ears are made for more than just hearing, you know.

From our lookout point, we witnessed quite the show.
The dolphins came out to play, and we couldn't get enough.

 They are elusive little devils -- hundreds of pictures snapped and the best I got was this glimpse of a dorsal fin.

This trip may have helped me be a little less freaked out about sea kayaking with killer whales in Seattle next month (my Christmas gift to Reece).

I'm still completely terrified.


Jo said...

Wait wait wait wait wait wait kayaking with killer whales!? WHAT??!!! How did you find this? I want to do it. I am freaking out!! Ok I'll stop.

Jessica and Reece said...

Jo! I signed up for Groupon Seattle when we found out we would be living there this summer, and this deal popped up. I'm scared out of my mind. Come visit us and you can kayak with the killer whales too!