James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Magic box...

It's December!

The Pandora Christmas station provides our daily soundtrack.
The fireplace keeps us toasty.
Hot cocoa is always within my reach.
I've eaten one too many candy cane tootsie pops and my teeth are about to fall out.

Oh how I love this time of year.

I had every intention to make an advent calendar from scratch this year -- all in the name of my quest to be more domestic.
But time has a way of slipping from me these days, and, to be frank, anything that could be categorized as "crafty" has a way of intimidating me to the point of hysteria.

It's a well-known fact that I'm a full-fledged disaster in that department.
My name is on blacklists at every craft store in the country.

Thus, the Magic Christmas Box was born.

Left under our tree by Santa's elf, "Pink," this box will help us count down to Christmas.
Pink plans to leave a little surprise (and accompanying note) inside every day to help us get into the spirit of the season.

With 24 days left until the big one, Pink left us a princess shoe to hang on our tree.

I think this tradition is going to become a favorite -- especially for me.
My sweet girl can't wait to see what Pink has in store for her tomorrow, and I can't wait to sit by and watch the reaction.

Also, KELLY IS HOME!!!!!!!
We missed our little Parisian with all our hearts, and my kids are over the moon about having their auntie around once again.

Now we're just counting down to Jason and Alysha's arrival, and life for the Ivins kids (and their mama) will truly be complete.

Happy first day of Christmas to all!


jaclyn said...

I totally went to the fabric store yesterday with plans to buy what I needed to make a advent calander and after a good 40 minutes left empty handed. Maybe we should have combined our efforts. Maybe something good would have come out of it!

Alysha and Jason Whiting said...

Such a cute idea! Can't wait to be there!