James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Salvation in baked goods...

It's probably no secret that I've had kind of a rough week.
Sick babies, no husband, sisters moving to Paris and Oregon -- it's been a lonely and trying five days.

I think poor Reece was starting to fear for his life and probably got sick of coming home to an emotional wreck every night, so he exercised his wisdom and took me (and James) out on a little date tonight.

Just. What. I. Needed.

 We started our evening of romance at Terra Mia for some margarita pizza -- something that always brings peace to my soul.
It did not disappoint.

Please note Reece checking the score of the BYU football game on his phone.
Don't worry, I asked him to.

Next stop: The Sweet Tooth Fairy for a strawberry shortcake cupcake.
Because if there's a cure-all solution to any problem, it's a cupcake.

There's nothing like a trip to the Provo dollar theater to remind you of how much fun (and often awkward) college dating can be.
I am certain I terrorized several first-date couples by nursing James a few times during the showing of Super 8. 
Yep, I'm that lady now.
Whatever I can do to help people find love, right?

We ended the night on a very high note at The Chocolate, where we devoured a couple of cazookies with the Gunters.
Thank you, Jaclyn and Bryson, for introducing us to such a miraculous and life-changing dessert.
I guess the week wasn't so bad after all.

I really, really love Reece.
And I really, really don't care who knows it.


JeN!cE said...

Which is moving where? So sad to have sisters move. Love you and your emotional wreckness...we will survive these lonely days and craziness someday and then we will laugh at the memory and be sympathetic for those who are beginning their journey to insanity. Thanks for posting!

Jessica and Reece said...

Alysha and her husband are moving to Portland and Kelly left today for a study abroad in Paris. I'm going to be so lonely! I wish you lived closer!!!

Jessica said...

Okay, why did you let me mark that blogging was one of my talents when you blog every day and the last time I blogged was weeks ago?

Also, is it funny or just weird that Mitch and I went to The Chocolate (and also had a cazookie) on Friday? We really are basically the same person.

MeganandClaudy said...

next time you go to Sweet Tooth Fairy (if it's this month, since it's just a seasonal flavor) try their peach cobbler. DIVINE.

Eric and Lindsay said...

Um, why I have I never heard of this chocolate place? YUM!

Jessica and Reece said...

Jess, how about we go to The Chocolate TOGETHER! Then we really will be best friends. In addition, I expect you to blog more asap. Linds, we definitely need to go! It's this cute little house on State Street that has been converted into a dessert place. So delicious. Let's go soon.