James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Friday, September 23, 2011

A horse named Pink...

Today's outing was a visit to Thanksgiving Point -- specifically the petting zoo.
Lola has been asking to ride a pony for weeks now, so I figured for $2, I could oblige.

Let's just hope she doesn't start asking for a pony.

Also, do you love her outfit as much as I do?
I am no longer permitted to have any say in her daily ensemble.

Brown shoes, pink tutu and black tunic.
Adorable now, but man am I going to have some ammo when she brings her first boyfriend home.

When she saw the little three-horned sheep above, she said, "Oh, poor guy."
You've got to admit, that droopy horn is pretty sad.

Please note her attempt to smooch this little guy.
I turned around to see him licking her mouth through the fence, to which she screamed, "Yook mama!  He's kissing me!  He loves Lola!"

Why are geese so mean?

Other than those nasty birds, Lola loved all the animals, real and fake.
I caught her having a conversation with a sheep sculpture and wondering why it wasn't talking back.

On an unrelated note, it took some serious maneuvering to keep from traumatizing my first born when I had to explain to her why the turkey birds had the same name as the turkey she ate for breakfast.

James enjoyed the outing and imitated the piggy squeals like a true barnyard aficionado.

The little playhouses were certainly a hit, as was the carriage ride.

 I personally enjoyed the wisdom in the following sign:

 I also found it humorous that the resident llama had bangs just like mine.
Stupid Dollar Cuts.

 The animals were great and all, but the real reason I go to Thanksgiving Point is the ice cream parlor.
The 50-cent soft serve is my idea of heaven.

Thanks to Sofi and Camille for a lovely afternoon.

Also, these giant pumpkins made me ridiculously excited for October.
Because October happens to be the very best month of the year.

And, I love my goofy daughter.

We'll probably be going again next week.


The Kewish Family said...

Oh my gosh, such cute pictures. Let me know next time you go. Jonathan and I would love to tag along.

AJ and Cindy said...

looks so fun, i wish we could have made it, we want to go next time!