James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Thursday, July 14, 2011

One month with the boy...

My newborn is not-so-newly born anymore.
And my heart is kind of breaking over it.

In just one month, I've learned a lot about my little boy.
I've learned that when he stops crying while I'm changing his diaper, I'm about to get peed on.
I've learned that he snores (and toots) louder than his daddy.
I've learned that he sleeps best on my chest.
I've learned that bright colors catch his eye.
I've learned that he hates being swaddled and will do everything in his power to free his little arms.
I've learned that he is ridiculously strong.
I've learned that he is very patient with his sister.
I've learned that he loves, loves, loves to eat.
I've learned that he loves breastfeeding and merely tolerates the bottle.
I've learned that he loathes being naked.
I've learned that he is terrified of water.
I've learned that he is even more squirmy outside of me that he was when he lived inside of me.
I've learned that his eyes are looking very blue, which is odd because I have green eyes and Reece has brown eyes.
I've learned that his smile literally melts me.

 In one month, I've learned this parenting thing is infinitely less difficult the second time around.
I've learned that somehow, against all odds, I'm getting more sleep.
I've learned that I absolutely love having a little boy.

Most importantly, I've learned that James can make this face:

Happy one month to my monkey.


Mrs. Gibbons said...

I love this! I've learned a few of those things as well. Also, I read your blog quite frequently in the middle of the night when I'm nursing Zaley. How are you getting more sleep??? Our little one is a crazy good eater, but it only sticks with her for 2-3 hours. So I'm still waking up quite a bit with her. And she's downing about 4 ounces these days! Is James as big of a piglet as Azalea? The chub is definitely starting to show. :)

JeN!cE said...


The Grady's said...

Holy cow! He is so stinkin cute!