James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Two minus one...

My Lola bird is 23 months today.
I dropped the ball on a 22 month writeup due to killer contractions, so she can blame that on her brother.

Next month she'll be two, and I'm not sure I'm OK with that, so we'll just move on from that subject.

Good glory, I love this child.
Which is a good thing to remember when she's being naughty, which can be quite often these days.

Some days I swear she wakes up determined to do every single thing she's not supposed to do (ie: stand on the laptop, empty an entire bag of raisin bran down Nana's stairs, use my books for her coloring, respond to every one of my requests with a resounding "no," refuse to wear pants... you get the picture).

I spend those days trying not to laugh and cry at the same time, because her naughtiness can push me to the brink of insanity while simultaneously sending me to a hysterical giggle fit.

At 23 months, we can't seem to get this child to stop talking.
She loves to chat, and frankly, I love having someone to chat with during the day.
She still loves to sing and dance, often making up her own songs about the characters in her life.
She is still a bookworm and insists on "reading" aloud whenever there's an audience present.

My girl adores her brother, which makes Reece and I infinitely happy seeing as how we don't have to stress about her trying to sell him on eBay or something.
We hope...

She is constantly at my side when I nurse James, when I change his diaper, when I burp him -- sometimes telling be to "be careful mommy."
So glad I have a 2-year-old keeping my parenting skills in check.
Really, it's adorable. 

I think my favorite thing to observe is the way she talks to the boy.
She constantly tells him how "cuuuuuuute" he is, and when he cries, she assures him that "mommy's boob and Jamesy's milk" are coming shortly.

Yeah, she really does.

Aside from all the chest talk, she's a fantastic big sister and will make an excellent babysitter someday.
Our master plan is working!

At 23 months, Lola's favorite things include being outside, Monster's Inc. + Bug's Life + Finding Nemo, being outside, pockles (Otter Pops), being outside, freshly manicured fingers and toes, being outside, gum, being outside, her sparkle shoes from Nana, being outside, her mamas (binkys) and being outside.

And lest we forget, the beloved baby seat.
Especially when it's outside.

At 23 months, my baby is definitely becoming a little girl.
She's my best pal, my constant playmate and my most effective comforter.

Happy 23 months to my baby bird.
She's been practicing the "Happy Birthday" song in anticipation of August, though we can't get her to say anyone's name but Uncle Jason's.


mathistown said...

She's so cute. That's such a great age!