James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Thursday, May 19, 2011

21 months...

I had all these plans to actually do Lola's 21-month writeup on the 12th of this month, and then Blogger went down.

Go figure.

So here it is, late as usual.

At 21 months, Lola is more spoiled than she's been her entire life.
And that, my friends, is saying something.

Did I mention we are living with my parents for the summer?
Which means constant companionship and attention for my girl?

Yeah, she's in heaven in what can only be described as her new kingdom.
When Reece made the mistake of explaining to her that we live at Nana's house now, she wasted no time in walking around the place, pointing at every object in sight and proclaiming, with confidence I might add, "Lola's.  Mine."

Funny how no one here has bothered to correct her.

She continues to amaze us with her spunk.
She's extremely opinionated and speaks her mind on a very, very regular basis (like, every waking moment).

She picks up new words every day and is enamored with sentences lately, even sentences that make no sense to anyone but herself.
To say that she is a tape recorder would be an understatement, which means Reece and I have had to be extremely careful around her lately.

She dropped her first naughty word last weekend.
And then she corrected herself, which was even more humiliating.
And don't worry -- Reece was quick to explain that Lola must have heard it from her mother.
Thanks honey.

Yeah, I'll never, ever, ever swear again.

Lola girl is officially deep in the nurturing stage.
Everything and everyone under the age of 8 is her "baby."
She force feeds her friends mass amounts of fish crackers until they choke -- which makes me nervous about the new baby's potential diet.
She loves to rock, kiss and sing to her dolls.
She practices being a disciplinarian on the cats.

She loves to perform -- mostly in the form of twirling, yoga stretches, counting to 10 and singing.

She's incredibly goofy -- often launching tickle attacks on anyone within arm's reach (including random shoppers at Target).
Her battle cry: "Teeeeekow!"

She talks about the baby at least once a day, but still refuses to admit she wants him around.
She will, however, kiss my belly any chance she gets.
Sometimes she'll try to put her binky in my bellybutton.

All of sudden she's the pickiest of eaters.
The only thing she asks for on a consistent basis is ice.
I think it's all part of her secret ploy to convince everyone we're abusing her so she can live with people who let her eat candy all day (cough, nana and pop pop).

She's incredibly sweet and perceptive.
She knows when I'm having a rough day and showers me with smooches.
She runs to me with open arms and yells, "HUG!" -- always when I need it the most.
She pats my back, strokes my hair and holds my hand.

I love this girl so much it hurts sometimes.

Happy 21 months to my baby bird.
22 months is going to bring a whole lot of change...


we are gunters said...

i love her cute profile!!!! and her pigtails! shes too cute.