James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Thirty two...

 Face = puffy
Eyes = swollen
Belly = about to burst
Chest = ridiculous

Despite all that, I must express my gratitude for the little life growing inside me, as well as the other little life I created who is currently napping in her diaper.
It is, after all, Easter Sunday.
To me, Easter is all about rebirth, renewal and unconditional love.
It's a celebration of life.
The life of the Savior.
The sacrifice He made to give life to all men.
The joy that comes in knowing that life is eternal and that death is absolutely not the end.

I am so incredibly grateful for my children.
I am humbled and amazed by the opportunity I have to create and facilitate new life.

As I feel the little life moving around in my belly, I feel renewed.  
As I rocked my sick little girl to sleep this afternoon, I realized that motherhood is the personification of unconditional love.

When I became a mother, I became a new person.
I see life differently now.
It's more beautiful, more simple, more worth living.

And for that, I am eternally grateful, particularly to my Savior who made it possible for me to spend eternity with the lives I simply cannot live without.

Eight more weeks until I get to hold my son for the first time.
Now that right there is a miracle.


Candace said...

Ah I love you! And look at your tummy. I haven't seen you in so long. Shannon said something about a girl's night? I love this! Hopefully you aren't too crazy with moving. Hope to see you soon.

tracie said...

You look soooo cute!! And ditto to the puffy face, swollen eyes, bursting belly and ridiculous chest. I hate clothes right now.

Angie said...

Beautiful post. Thanks for sharing. I am so looking forward to motherhood because of great examples like you, young mothers who love what they do. :)

The Grady's said...

I loved this post...you just said it all so well :) You look awesome, by the way! I love your preggy posts.

Russ and Emily Jones said...

you look adorable, and I love you, and I miss you, and I can't wait to see you and baby boy (and lola and reece of course) this summer!!!