James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter awry...

Since I spend almost every single weekend in the newsroom, holidays that happen to fall on weekend days frequently get postponed and/or forgotten at our place.

This was most definitely the case with Easter.
Lola was up all night with the sniffles, thus, Reece and I were up all night as well.
Not to mention the fact that our apartment is currently littered with boxes, bags and general clutter.
We all managed to drag our lifeless bodies to church, and though it took some serious battle skills, we managed to get Lola into the beautiful Easter dress Nana Thaylene bought for her.

Forgive the perma-binky.
We're working on it. 

 Warning: the following picture contains potentially offensive belly button poppage.

This was our last Sunday in our ward, a ward we adore and are devastated to leave.
Reece was asked to speak (I definitely dodged a bullet) and did a fantastic job.
Nothing like a spiritual pick-me-up to help turn a chaotic day into a calm one.

We came home and attempted to take some family pictures, but Reece was hungry, Lola's nose was running and I was just gigantic, so those pictures will not be posted.

Lola went to sleep.
Reece made some Ramen.
I went to work.

No time for baskets or egg hunts or photo shoot do overs.

Luckily I was able to break away for an hour to eat dinner at Reece's parents' house.
It was a lovely way to make Easter feel more Eastery.

Though the day was far from ideal, it was quite sweet to be able to spend at least part of it with my husband and baby.

And don't worry, Reece was forced to be festive today -- as is always the case.
More on that soon.


Alexis said...

And we have our celebration next month...

Amy said...

As long as you stocked up on the "only at Easter" candy, the rest of it can happen anytime. :D

Also, your belly-button-poppage makes me so so happy! That baby is coming!!!

De Rosa said...

I still can't believe your going! I don't think it has truly hit me yet. I am sad to see you go and every time I look st those apartment building all I can think of is your cute family. You guys are leaving an amazing legacy behind you that no one will be able to follow. The amazing Ivins that are always willing to serve, love, care, host an amazing party, kill their own husbands over catch phrase, and veggie burger farts that are to die over. You guys really are the best family ever and we are so lucky to have met you.

mathistown said...

I find it's a LOT of pressure to be in charge of holiday festivities and making them special for one's little family. It was so much easier to be a kid along for the ride!

steph, brent, and joaquin said...

That (first pic) has to be the cutest Easter picture I've ever seen. And with all the kids posing with fake farm animals, garden gnomes, baskets, buckets, and spring flowers, that's saying a lot. Good luck with the move, my dear.