James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Eating SLC: Caputo's Deli...

If there is only one food served in heaven, I'm praying it's the mozzarella, basil and tomato sandwich from Tony Caputo's.

 Though apparently Lola prefers ice.

We met up with Shan and E for lunch downtown this afternoon.
Let me just sing the praises of this amazing Italian market.
Not only are the sandwiches divine, but it's the only place in SLC where I've been able to find really, really good balsamic vinegar.
The shelves are stocked with some of my favorite authentic Italian goodies and I could literally spend hours reading labels and reminiscing about my study abroad.

Its conveniently located across the street from Pioneer Park, where the Downtown Farmers Market is held every Saturday during the summer.  
Another one of our favorite SLC activities, one you can bet we'll be making the drive up for more than once this year.

Another incentive to make the trek: Shannon and Emerson.
We love these two.
Best lunch date buddies ever.
We can't wait to meet Emerson's little sister in July!

Speaking of Pioneer Park, we walked over to let the kids run in the grass for a few minutes.
Not the most kid-friendly place -- definitely known for it's stabbings and drug deals -- but Lola had fun chasing her future husband until both kids were ready for naps.

 Bottom line: eat at Caputos.
And if you let your kids run around in Pioneer Park, watch for syringes.


Sarah Larsen said...

this post makes me wish i lived in utah with you guys. And have 1.5 kids. Congrats on B School btw! I chatted with Shan after your date today - and sounds like things are going great for you!!! xoxo

Shannon said...

So.much.fun. Thanks for being great lunch buds with us!

And really, that dirty park gave the kids some great entertainment for a couple minutes... or maybe they were just infatuated with each other??

Brooke Hill said...

So after reading about your adventure I talked my husband into trying this place for dinner last night, and it did not dissappoint. We also visited the bakery next door and the waffle place across the way, we love all 3. Never would have known these places existed. Thanks for the post, I love discovering new things.

Matt Caputo said...

Thanks everyone for your patronage and compliments on our family business. Thank you also for bringing your cute children. The Caputo's LOVE kids and it makes for a more lively atmosphere! Hope to see you again soon.

Caputo Family