James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Monday, March 14, 2011

Nineteen months...

For some reason, the 12th seems to slip away from me each month and I realize a few days later that another month is gone and my baby is another step closer to being a kid.

This month was no different.

I'm thinking this big, green, ugly DI couch was the best $50 we ever spent.
It's been the perfect backdrop to document my daughter's growth.
Because let's face it, Lola goes well with green.

It really doesn't seem so long ago that I had to prop her up on the pillows for her monthly photo shoot.
Now it's a battle to keep her still for more than three seconds.
Thus the Easter candy corn in her hand.

Speaking of candy, my child has a sweet tooth to rival the sugar plum fairy.
"Nummy, nummy?"
"Nummy, nummy?"
"PWEEEESE nummy, nummy?"

Words spoken all too often at my house.
It doesn't help that Nana happens to be the Sugar Plum Fairy, always toting an assortment of goodies with which to rot my child's teeth.

(It should be mentioned that the only time I was ever given Cookie Crisp cereal was at Grandma Maria's house, so I can't say I never reaped the benefits of grandma spoilage)

Lola loooooooves books.
We are constantly amazed by her little brain and how much she has taught herself already.
She can identify and recite most of the letters in the alphabet, thanks largely in part to "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" -- her Valentine's Day book from Nana and Papa Ivins.
She is happiest when surrounded by her favorite reads, something her bookworm mother couldn't be more thrilled about.

Let's just pretend she's not watching TV in this "book" picture

We recently spent an afternoon at the BYU Bookstore with Nana Thaylene.
The rows of books (and world-famous candy counter) were enough to do a 19-month-old in.

At 19 months, Lola is bossy as ever.
No one is immune from her commands -- not the cats, not her toys, not her friends and most certainly not her parents.
As Reece constantly reminds me, she is most definitely a carbon copy of none other than myself.
I guess karma really is a thing.
It's a good thing we find her bossiness adorable.
Most of the time, anyway.

But along with that bossiness comes the sweetest little soul I've ever encountered.
Life with Lola is filled with kisses, "please" and "thank yous," laughter and so, so much love.
She has a huge heart, one that I know will do so much good.

Happy 19 months to my baby bird.
It's hard to feel anything but extreme gratitude with a Lola girl in your life.


Alysha and Jason Whiting said...

I love that baby so much! I'm so glad we got to spend Saturday with you. It warms my soul everytime I hear her yell "Eesha! Eesha!" :) I love being an auntie!

Sarah said...

This stage is fabulous, isn't it?