James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Monday, March 14, 2011

Better than a leg lamp...

I am always completely horrible about responding to tags and blog awards.
Not that I've received many, it's just that when the initial feeling of complete flattery wears off, I totally forget to do anything about it.

Because let's face it, I can hardly remember to put on pants these days.

So in the spirit of belated blogging, which is apparently my thing as of late, I am officially responding to shout outs from two of my favorite bloggers/real-life pals.

My lovely broadcast buddy Siovhan also happens to be a TV producer-extraordinaire and one of the most talented writers I know.
I can only assume she took pity on the pregnant lady with a penchant for purple gaucho pants.

Amy darling, please forgive me for taking months to do this.  
People, this woman is quite possibly the wittiest, sweetest, most hilarious mama in the blogging universe.
Just read her blog and you'll see what I'm talking about.

The nice part is, the stipulations of both awards are the same:
Divulge seven things about myself and bestow the award upon seven other bloggers.

So here goes nothing...

01. I always pick out all the red fruit snacks for myself before handing the bag to Lola
02. I went bowling tonight, forgot my socks and couldn't bring myself to pay $2 to rent a pair (renting socks??? Seriously???), so I shoved two of Lola's CLEAN diapers into the nasty shoes instead
03. I loathe crumbs of any kind, especially when found on my counter, carpet or kitchen floor
04. Sometimes I base my self esteem on how many comments I get on the blog (wow, that didn't sound nearly as lame in my head), but I suck at commenting myself (I blame Google Reader)
05. I like to mix different kinds of cereal (example: Frosted Flakes + Life + Raisin Bran), which grosses my husband out to no end
06. Ever since I gave birth to Lola, I cannot see a baby born without sobbing like one ("The Business of Being Born" nearly killed me)
07. My dad calls me his "liberal daughter," which I think is possibly the most hilarious thing I've ever heard

So there you have it.
I'm kind of a freak, if you didn't know that already.

Double awards go to:

02. Easton Ivins (Just do it Redd)
03. Stephanie Valdez
04. Camille Wheatley

And anyone else who wants to share seven quirks with the world.
Because come on, they can't be possibly as strange as mine.

Thanks ladies, for making me feel spay-shell.


Abby said...

kind of wish there was a photo of you with diapers AND bowling shoes on your feet.

the next time something like this happens, do take a picture.

steph, brent, and joaquin said...

I'm delightfully honored! I've never received a blog award. Thank you so much!

As for your bowling experience tonight, I give you props for 1) making do with what you had, and 2) publicly admitting what you did. I'm so relieved you didn't go sockless or cave in to renting socks.

Jessica and Reecey said...

Oh ladies, you'd best believe I took pictures. That's another post entirely...

todd and erin said...

I am stepping away from Google reader to give a shout out to number 4. So true!

MuncherCruncher said...

First of all...I loved your comment on my blog the other day :) YES you can move in and we can eat all of our favorite foods together, go running, shopping, visit AZ, go to the beach, and eat mixed cereals (I am so with you on that.)
I am also the worst commenter, and I do blame google reader. Just know I read your every post, and love every word. :) xoxoxo