James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday musings...

House still smells like curry and I'm afraid it always will

Lola only fought me for 10 minutes at nap time, so I'm chalking that up as progress
Christmas decorations are finally down and I'm a little depressed about it

It's 11:12 and I've only had a can and a half of Diet Dr. Pepper -- again, progress
I've decided that I am definitely the Mitchell and Reece is definitely the Cam of our relationship
My phone died in the middle of the night, saving me from the gym this morning

Currently reading "Water for Elephants" and discovering it's hard to find a book that isn't dirty these days
Surprised to actually be enjoying the snow falling outside
Wondering what I did to deserve all this kicking from baby boy today

Most of all, excited to go shopping for our little guy's first outfit this afternoon
And so it begins...


Russ and Emily Jones said...

whenever I cook with curry my apartment stinks for ages. Or maybe its the onions. I don't know.

Annie said...

Have you read Matched by Ally Condie?
very good and clean, not a single swear word. try it you'll like it, quick read you can read it in like 2 days.

AJ and Cindy said...

I am craving that curry, thanks for sharing your leftovers, that was the best lunch :)

MeganandClaudy said...

yay for me not being the only one who thinks about Modern Family!