James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Friday, October 22, 2010

And then she had a night fright...

and woke up screaming for her mama.

I ran into her bedroom and found her huddled in the corner of her crib with her hands covering her ears and a blanket draped across her face.
As pulled my baby girl into my arms, she went quiet, letting out the occasional whimper as a reminder of the agony she felt just seconds before.
She clung to me almost as tightly as I clung to her.

I didn't even reach for the bottle.
Instead, I snuck into my dark bedroom and slipped under the comforter with my sleepy girl still resting on my chest.
Just like when she was tiny.
And instead of fighting the cuddle, as she always does, she nuzzled even deeper into my arms.
And I felt safe.

Because as hard as this motherhood thing is sometimes, it also provides the most pure, sacred and beautiful moments available to mankind.

Apparently, I needed that reminder.


robocop said...

I never knew how conflicting motherhood can sometimes be until I became one myself. I'm glad to know that there is always a payoff.

Loved your ending.

Caitlin said...

this made me a bit a teary eyed jess. I love this. I love those moments where Heavenly Father blesses us with those little tender mercies and lets us know that He knows and that He's aware and loves us. It's such a beautiful thing:) love you!

Sandy Meyers said...

I am glad you got the reminder you needed! Yes, there are hard days and frustrating days, and motherhood is the toughest job you'll ever love, but the upside are rewards and wonderful moments that will far outnumber the bad ones. My pediatrician used to say, don't look at the day, look at the week-- if there are more pluses than minuses, you are doing a good job--sometimes it helps to take a longer view. Hard to do that on Thursday, but so much better on Friday. Hang in there!