James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

27 years...

That's how old my husband is today.
When I was a freshman in college I went on a few dates with a 27-year-old.
I remember feeling so rebellious, glamorous even, dating SUCH an older man.

Now I'm married to one.
Funny how life works, huh?

Turns out, turning 27 isn't so glamorous.
Especially when you have to be at work at 6:30 a.m.
And your wife and daughter only returned home from a week on the East Coast a few hours before the big day.
And you only have about a million places to go and things to do before you can really celebrate.

Thus, 27 will forever be known as the birthday of improvisation.
It started out with the presentation of quirky gifts selected and procured in New York City.

Cord pants from H & M+fancy Brooklyn chocolate+classic Liz Lemon mantra magnet+New York in a bag from Muji

Let's just pretend I didn't force Reece to peek at his gifts as I unpacked them last night.
Neither of us have ever exercised much patience when it comes to gift giving.

Lola battled the jet lag with a 4-hour nap this afternoon, so I was unable to run any of my scheduled birthday errands.
So instead of balloons, Reece got to hunt down 27 post it notes with 27 reasons why we love him.
Did I mention those reasons were written in orange Sharpie because I couldn't find a functioning pen?

I told you this was the birthday of improvisation.

Who needs Hallmark anyway?
It's a good thing Reece is such a good sport.

Next up, we ventured out in the rain for birthday frozen yogurt.

Despite the fact we were celebrating HIS birthday, Reece cheerfully followed me into Bath & Body Works so I could pick out a few holiday candles.
It is that time of year after all.
And he didn't even die of boredom, which was a very real fear of mine.

Since we had a wedding dinner to attend, we settled on celebratory cake and donuts.
Quick and fattening with minimal cleanup required.

Again, let's pretend I whipped up these culinary delights myself instead of letting Mrs. Backers do the dirty work.

Happy birthday to our favorite guy.
We love you mucho.

An additional happy birthday goes out to my favorite brother and Lola's favorite uncle on my side, Adam.
I knew Reece was the one when I found out the two of them shared a birthday.
We love you brudder, and hope your day was lovely (and much less improvised)!


AJ and Cindy said...

Happy Birthday to Reece! Everything sounds great to me, you planned the perfect things in my opinion and I am glad you got to spend it together! What candles did you get?

Kim said...

Fun birthday! I am envious of Reece's "I want to go to there" magnet...