James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The death of customer service...

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that as the economy has gone down the toilet, it has taken customer service down with it?

Case in point:

We've been eating, sleeping and breathing work, graduate school essays and end-of-summer cleaning over the past few weeks, so needless to say our pantry has been a bit neglected.
Convinced that no amount of effort could create something edible out of mandarin oranges and a can of tomato sauce, I determined a trip to Costco was essential to our survival.

With 30 minutes to closing time, I grabbed my purse, dashed out the door and made it to the West Bountiful location in record time.  I sprinted through the store, throwing this, that, and everything in between into my giant cart.  It's amazing how much money one can spend when in a hurry.

I got to the checkout, loaded everything on the conveyor and waited along with the rest of the procrastinators, feeling extremely confident I'd make it out the door before the employees had to work a second of overtime.

I caught my first whiff of trouble when I overheard my cashier reprimanding the woman in front of me for pulling cash out of her wallet when her husband, who was standing right next to her, had been the one to hand over his Costco card.

"The person whose name is on the card is the ONLY person allowed to pay for the purchase," said the cashier with a smug look.  "I'll let you off just this once, but you've been warned."

My turn.
I hesitated before presenting Reece's corporate Costco card with his name and picture on the back.  The same one I've used a million times without Reece being present.
It didn't take a rocket scientist to predict how this self-righteous, self-important little jerk would react.

"Uh oh.  This is not a match," said the jerk. "Looks like we have a little problem."
"Okay, well let's see if we can fix it," I said.

I explained that I've never had a problem before, since it's a corporate card.
I explained that the reason my husband wasn't with me was that he was home with our sick baby. (Admittedly, I was going for dramatic effect)
I apologized and begged to be let off just this once, with the promise I would never try to pass as my husband again, since that's what I was being accused of.

The jerk ROLLED HIS EYES AT ME and called over his wenchy supervisor, who looked at the card, looked at me and said, "We will put your items back for you, but you're going to have to leave."

You would think I was trying to sneak out with a Christmas tree under my shirt.

I had the audacity to suggest their employees be more consistent with enforcing their precious "corporate cards are not transferable" rule, to which the wench said something to the effect of "not my problem, tough luck, now get out."

I thanked her for her excellent customer service and said something really mature like, "Costco sucks," before storming away.  I'm pretty sure she'll go home crying tonight.

But really, would it have been so difficult to apologize for the inconvenience?  I understand they are cracking down, but a little kindness is always appreciated, especially when I was the one about to contribute close to $100 to the store.  I still would been annoyed, but I wouldn't have been angry.

What ever happened to putting the customer first?  I guess the power trip comes along with the red shirt.


Unless you like jerks and wenches.

And now I feel a little better.


AJ and Cindy said...

oh man, I felt like I was reading a story line from a tv show or something! that sounds pretty intense, I can't believe they were that rude...I probably would have cried! if you can't make it back to a costco this weekend, I have to go on Monday, and I will be happy to take you and Lola along! :)

Kelly said...

Man, what a biotch. I'll teach them a lesson for you. How about we go steal things instead and ask them which they would prefer? Or we could find out who these people are and prank call them every few minutes... Yeah! That would teach them!

Stephanie Kay Moore said...

Two thumbs up for telling them like it is!

justin + camille said...

Ridiculous! I can't believe those Costco employees! Well, if you ever want to go, Justin has access to his card through Cyprus High School. On second thought, I wonder if they'd put him through the same scenario!

Anon said...

Awww man! That's MY Costco. Maybe next time?

Shannon said...

I cannot believe this was at Costco! They are usually so friendly there. We go to the Murray Costco or the one near 2000 S./300 W. Try those ones perhaps?

ps, I was just thinking about you the other day and thinking the same thing about lunch. We'll be gone almost all week, but let me know your sched for next week. Miss you and Lola!

Cindy said...

I have practically given up on Costco for this reason. 2 years ago I had an apt. to get my eyes checked (which you don't need a membership for. I called ahead to be sure). The lady checking for membership cards at the door told me I couldn't go in the store!!! I explained that I had an apt. and after she escorted and verified that I did have an apt. she let me in. I tried this "trick" at another time (just attempting to walk in over to the optomitrist) but really looking to buy a computer (=$$$ & Costco membership) but the membership checker turned me away. I told him I was willing to buy a membership & a computer but he said he didn't want my business. I currently have a membership but I don't plan on renewing it.

De Rosa said...

That is crazy, I don't know I managed to miss this blog post but man it got me all mad! Honestly it seems people make double standards all the time and don't know where to draw the line. It's like if your going to make the rule and exception for one then you have to do it it for all. That employee needs to be written up! So sorry Jess!

Anonymous said...

I hope you got their names and called the store manager or emailed corporate. Nobody deserves that treatment and Costco needs to know what is happening in their stores!