James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Best friend...

Both Lola and I have been feeling under the weather lately.
Energy is futile 'round these parts.
We both napped the afternoon away, waking only to eat ice cream out of the carton while blasting John Mayer for an impromptu dance party.
Neither of us bothered to change into real clothes.

Reece called to say he wouldn't be home until 7:30, thanks to the rush of meetings, meetings and more meetings that have become the norm these days.
Sometimes having a grown-up job stinks.

So I decided instead of laying around by the door, waiting for our man to come home to us, we would head out on a mini adventure together.
Thank heavens the Gateway is within walking distance of our house.
Thank heavens Old Navy and Gap are having big baby sales.
Thank heavens McDonald's is still only charging a buck for a giant Diet Coke.

We strolled past the Dew Tour on our way home to make dinner and stopped to watch the crazy bikers do triple flips in the air.  Lola quickly launched into air kiss mode, blowing smooches as fast as her little lips could pucker.

Once again, heaven help me.

We were somewhere in the middle of our spontaneous outing when I had a bit of an epiphany.
At some point in the past thirteen months, my baby became my best friend.
No, really.
Really, really.

We play until we are too exhausted to move.
We make each other laugh.
We hold each other when things get rough.
We split desserts.
We are constantly amazed at what the other can do.

I never get lonely when she's around.
Though we get frustrated with one another, neither of us can stay angry for long.
She helps me feel better about myself on the days when I feel gross.
When I'm hungry, she hands me a soggy Cheerio.

I'll openly admit, I desperately wanted our baby to be a boy.
When we found out "it" was a "she," I panicked a bit.
Because who wants to deal with a teenage girl?

Boys are great, don't get me wrong.
And if I had one, I would probably be spouting off a completely different sentiment.
But I needed my girl first.

Because what would a girl do without her best friend?


De Rosa said...

This is the cutest post ever! It so true how your baby becomes your bbf. I never have to have anyone to hangout with as long as I have my baby! Man I am a loser! Anyway you guys are two cute and I hope you start feeling better.

steph, brent, and joaquin said...

I am glad to have someone to share the same bff feelings for my little one. I thought it might sound weird to others, but really Joaquin is my best buddy! We're proof it's possible even with a little boy. It's hard to think about how I'll feel about another child of mine (in the distant future), and what another child will do to my bff relationship with Joaquin. I'm sure we'll manage, though.

Shannon said...

She is just awesome. I love that she was blowing kisses.