James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Lola has become quite accustomed to being the center of attention at all times.  We wondered, and admittedly even worried, about how she would react when Reece's brother and his wife had their baby.

After all, I was the first girl and the first grandchild on one side, and when my sister came along I tried to kill her on several occasions.  My father has the home video to prove it.

Using my powers of baby talk interpretation, I have attempted to translate Lola and Easton's thoughts into words as they test each other out.

Exhibit A:  

Lola:"Dad, why does Uncle Redd look like Satan?" 
Easton:"My dad is Satan! He could eat your dad for dinner!"

Exhibit B:  

Lola: "Oh! A camera! And I'm in the foreground! The left side of my tongue is my best feature, so I'm ready for my closeup."
Easton: "That chick has a muffin top.  She'll never make it to 'Top Model.' I, on the other hand, have mastered the 'hand gracing the face' pose."

Exhibit C:  

Lola: "The kid is crying, so I better take this opportunity to show everyone what a happy, good-natured woman I am."
Easton:"Something smells, and it's not me."

Exhibit D:

Lola: "Is that a Cheerio on Uncle Redd's belly button?"
Easton: "That Cheerio is mine.  I will hurt you."

Exhibit E:

Lola: "Ha!  I will trick everyone into thinking I'm being sweet by giving the kid a foot rub, but really I will use my vice grip to knock him out."
Easton: "MONSTER!" 

I've never been that great at interpreting baby talk.

The real fun will come when they can talk for themselves.  I can only imagine what a bossy little girl and a mellow little boy will say to each other.


Jessica said...

I cannot get enough of Lola's fabulous chubbiness! That girl is so adorable.

Reddeye said...

You should teach Lola the Muffin Top song from 30 Rock.

Kimba said...

that girl is so adorable! congrats to redd and diana - cute little boy!

AJ and Cindy said...

haha this was so funny! That will be great for Lola to have a cousin close to her age, they are sure to be great friends someday!

Alysha said...

Ok, when you had me read this I was totally looking at the wrong pictures for the captions. It was funny then, but so much better now. LOVE IT!

Jessica and Reecey said...

Oh Redd, she already knows that song by heart.