James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's Baby...

We decided to celebrate the day of love a bit early this year, because there is nothing we (I) hate more than waiting at a restaurant while watching, smelling and air tasting food going to everyone but me. And let's face it, since we live in Utah, no one will be going out on Sunday, so the restaurants will be swamped tomorrow and Saturday.

Back to the point.

We selected Market Street Grill for a romantic meal this year for many reasons. One: the food is excellent. Two: the ambiance is to die for. Three (and most importantly): we had a gift card.

I always look forward to our Valentine's dates. Last year Reece swept me away to my favorite restaurant, the elegant Sweet Tomatoes. We had just paid a visit to the crazy European mall doctor who informed us we were having a girl.

That girl joined us for our 2010 Valentine's date, and wasn't quite sure how she felt about being the third wheel.

(This is Reece being extremely embarrassed that I would try to kiss him in public. I guess I still have cooties or something)

When Reece and I tried to whisper romantic nothings to one another, Lola made it known she would not stand for it. Our girl likes the spotlight, and doesn't take well to sharing. She made sure the entire restaurant knew she was the main event -- laughing, squealing, yelling and talking the entire time. I think our waiter was about to ask us to leave. We didn't care. We thought it was hilarious. It was like free dinner theater. Everything is better when Lola's around.

While Reece and I dined on salmon and halibut, Lola indulged in a bit of lemon.

Despite it's shocking effect, she kept going back for more.

Then Papa shared some of her ice cream to win over her affections. I think it worked.

Our first Valentine's date as a family of three was quite the success, if I do say so myself.

We dropped Lola off at her grandparents' house so we could return to one of our favorite date spots in the world.

It's been 7 long months, and it felt good to be back. Good thing we got our recommends renewed about 2 hours before we went to the hospital to have Lola. Apparently it pays to plan ahead.

Happy Valentine's Day, three days early.

I'm glad I have a Valentine who is hilarious, handsome, hardworking, patient and willing to put up with me. As for my mini Valentine, she stole my heart away the first time I heard her heartbeat.

I wish I could fit all that on a conversation heart.


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AJ and Cindy said...

you look beautiful in your pictures! I am so glad you got to enjoy a nice evening together. Happy Valentine's Day!

Cory and Hilary Belnap said...

Such a GREAT writer, oh my word. When we have kids will you write my blog??? "She stole my heart when I first heard her heartbeat." So poetic!