James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Weekend Update: 35 Down...

I can officially count on ONE HAND how many weeks I have left in this pregnancy.
And trust me people, D-Day can't come soon enough.

Can't you just hear that poor shirt screaming for help? Thank goodness for stretch.

My little honeydew melon (not a term of endearment, merely an analogy) is tipping the scale at 5 and a quarter pounds. Her poor little 18-inch frame has absolutely NO room to move around, yet she continues to find a way to do somersaults every 8.4 minutes. I see Cirque Du Soleil in her future. For the next five weeks, she'll be competing in The Biggest Gainer, meaning she'll be packing on the pounds like no one's business. Sadly, I believe this means Mama will be joining her in her quest.

Speaking of Mama, I'm officially feeling extremely pregnant. I have been so lucky to have such an easy pregnancy (though you might not know it from my endless ramblings), but as the heat starts to set in, so does the discomfort. I asked my doc how soon I could be induced after my due date, and she assured me she wouldn't let me go past two weeks.


I was thinking more like two DAYS.

Two HOURS would be even better.

I'm going crazy thinking about all the things that still need to get done before Baby Girl arrives. Unfortunately, life seems to get crazier every day. I was ranting about this very fact last night, when suddenly Reece glanced at my moving belly and got a really goofy smile on his face.

"We get to meet her really soon," he whispered.

And that's why I love my husband.


steph and brent said...

Awww, what a sweet husband. My eyes are welling up. I have to distract myself by thinking about how much you must've enjoyed that ice cream waffle!! YUM!!

Brooke Nelson said...

LOL! You can wait, believe me! Someday you will have a poo covered skirt at a wedding, and you will look back at this post and laugh! OH--and I got thrown up on the next night at a family reunion! Oh--memories!

JK! you will have this baby soon enough! Enjoy your funky food cravings!

Abby said...

I can't wait. Your baby is going to be off the hook.

Cory and Hilary Belnap said...

You're funny...2 hours overdue you want to be induced. haha! I love you.!.