James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend Update: 17 Down

Yes, I realize I skipped week 16. But at my last ultrasound, I discovered I am really a week closer to the end of this marathon than I originally thought. So, because it makes me feel better, I am hitting the fast forward button on these updates.

Here I am in all my baby growin' glory:

I realize it's a weird angle, and that I look like a hobo, but I chose this photo for dramatic effect. I am thrilled to finally be reaching the actual PREGNANT phase of this pregnancy. Now people might actually think to themselves, "Hey, she must be growing a person inside of her." instead of "Treadmill, honey. Use one."

I have given up all hope of even zipping any of my pants now. But thanks to my new best friend (see post below), zipping is a thing of the past.

Yesterday I was so happy to see the sunshine instead of the never ending dark gloom that is a Utah winter, that I put on my running shoes and headed out the door. Those glorious rays gave me energy I haven't felt in MONTHS, and I was able to run 9 miles without even stopping! Spring, please come soon!

Baby girl weighs about five ounces (apparently comparable to a turnip) and measures about five inches long. Her skeleton is transforming from cartilage to bone, and she can move her joints like a champ. (Weird fact of the week: Her sweat glands are almost fully formed. Thank you Baby Center.)

I also discovered some symptoms that are awaiting me in the near future. For one, I have been advised not to wear high heels anymore, because I could topple off them and die. The bigger you get, the less you are able to walk without tripping. Secondly, my eyes will apparently begin to dry up soon. How lovely. So the baby is literally sucking the moisture from my peepers? She sure is greedy.

My dear friend Sarah stopped by for a quick visit this afternoon, and left us with these gems to coo over:

The sheer beauty of baby girl clothes could bring world peace. Truly.

I'm headed to see doctor on Tuesday. Hooray for heartbeats!

Ciao for now.


The Gunters said...

your baby is so cute. i can already tell.

trent and amanda said...

I still can't believe you're pregnant... crazy. But at the same time, very exciting! What're you up to nowadays?

Adam and Tara said...

Ah I love your updates! You're such a cute pregnant lady and I'm jealous you get to hit up target for their cute maternity dresses :) Did the dr. change your due date since you're farther along than they thought??

Catherine Knight said...

I agree that your little girl is going to be very cute. You are such a witty blogger. In answer to your question we are moving to Seattle sometime this summer. We don't know exactly where yet, but will post when we do. xoxo

Emily said...

you are such a great writter. "The sheer beauty of baby girl clothes could bring world peace. Truly." You seriously make me laugh out loud. More people should read and enjoy your blog. Awesome.

Unified Franchisee said...

So....I may satisfy my baby girl clothing desire on your growing baby. I figure, I'm looking anyway, right? And now I know someone with a girl...

You are SO cute. And dude. 9 miles?! Way to go! Caleb would have killed me, he was a Nazi about my heart rate. Every time I went running he'd ask me 10 times if I had my heart rate monitor on. YES CALEB, I DO. JUST LIKE YESTERDAY!

This was, of course, all before like, month 6 when I gave it up. :) "Bear, how do you feel about walking....fast?"

Shannon said...

Okay, you do not look pregnant at all! Can't believe you're 17 weeks.

ps, that onesie looks great on your hubby.