James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Friday, February 20, 2009

Ode to the Bella Band...

Dearest Bella Band,

You rock my world.

Thank you for allowing me to wear my regular pants, without requiring any zipping, buttoning or fastening.

Thank you for making my ever-expanding belly appear tight and small.

Thank you for saving me from purchasing maternity pants (because let's face it, maternity pants are extremely ugly).

Thank you for making pregnancy so much easier.

Your devoted fan,


For those who have not yet experienced the beauty of the Bella Band, it boils down to this:
A spandex tube-top looking contraption that expands along with your growing belly.
Also great for use after a large meal.

(Sidenote: This pregnancy must-have is literally a strip of stretchy material. Between this and the Snuggie, I feel extremely behind in the its-so-ridiculously-stupid-and-simple-it-will-make-you-millions category.)


Kimba said...

It's beautiful, isn't it? I am still wearing mine for a couple pants, because let's face it. I'd rather not button them up and feel better than squish into them and feel fat.

I bought a total of three maternity pants, two cheap capris from Old Navy, and one fancier one from Gap, all of them just had the thinner strip of stretchiness instead of the full on cover up thingy. Not so bad! They have definitely come a long way. I shudder to think of our poor mothers.

Also? I LIVED in gaucho pants. Honestly. The only pants that I didn't take off the second I walked in the door. (I feel we have this same pajama loving ideal...)

Jessica said...

I found some homemade belly bands at www.etsy.com that are fabulous and less than half the price. I've got them in a couple colors and they're great! I'm still wearing my pre-pregnancy jeans with them.

Tip on maternity pants--Motherhood Maternity Secret Belly. Amazing! I hated the Old Navy pants, these are super comfy and you can't even tell they're maternity!

The Gunters said...

i feel like i should own one...... and i'm not pregnant......

Amy said...

I saw a commercial for the snuggie last night and almost fell off the couch because I was laughing so hard. Oh. My. Gosh.

Lowe Family said...

I'm with you on the belly bands. I absolutely love mine and have gotten away with not wearing maternity clothes yet. They are a must!!!

Jonny and Carissa said...

I loved mine too. but eventually I got so fat I had to get maternity pants after all. but only for a blissfully short period, thanks to bellaband