James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Monday, January 26, 2009

Scholarly Observations...

At my first doctor's appointment last week, I had the unfortunate experience of getting a full "womanly" examination.

"Will it hurt?" I asked, dreading the inevitable.

"Let's see," she replied, "It's like getting your teeth cleaned. It's really uncomfortable, you really don't like having some person's hands in your mouth, and you have to try hard not to gag... but it's not necessarily painful."

So that's what they teach you in medical school.


Abby said...


No, I don't like having someone's hands in my mouth either.

Jason and Kristin said...

Haha! That is pretty funny. I've never had it described to me like that before. I'd have to agree with her!

MeganandClaudy said...

oh no! I have my first "womanlly yearly check up apt." next month and I'm already terrified...and I have to say that your post isn't helping-but I guess you did live through the experience so maybe I can too!