James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Fever...

Today... I woke up in a frenzy.

My apartment, I determined, was filthy.

My pulse started racing, my palms got sweaty, my heart felt as if it would explode from my chest, and I am pretty sure a couple of my hairs turned gray.

I have had the cleaning fever before... and it's not pretty. I must admit, I am a tad O.C.D (just ask Reece) about keeping things in order in my place of residence... and I have a difficult time relaxing when I perceive the state of my abode has become reminiscent of a dirty, smoke filled Motel 6.

So I grabbed my weapons, and went to work.

I scrubbed my bathtub until I could finally see white. I don't think the tub has EVER been white, at least since we started living here.

I almost asphyxiated myself trying to spray down the walls of my shower.

I mopped, vaccumed, dusted, scraped, rearranged and threw away... to my hearts content.

And for about 2 hours, my little home, was close to perfection.

*Then... the cats pushed litter out of the litter box, and spit their food on the carpet.
And while cooking dinner for my busy husband, my once flawless sink resumed its role as "dirty dish hangout." And somehow, I predict the living room will need a date with the vaccum by the time I wake up tomorrow.

But at least my heart went back to a normal pace, and the crazy cleaning fever has gone away... for another day.


Abby said...

Nice. I did some dusting. And that was about it. So, way to go.

erin and todd said...

Oh my gosh--I can't believe this happened to you yesterday...I was experiencing like the exact same thing. Yesterday morning, I started having some sort of an anxiety attack and I wouldn't leave for work until the house was clean. I seriously was late to work because I was cleaning my house. The rest of the day my heart was racing and my arms and legs were kind of shaky...I don't know if it all had to do with the cleaning, but it was crazy!

Kari said...

Hey OCD, ten more days to go!!!