James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Friday, September 5, 2008


Due to my current "living dead" work schedule... I have become somewhat of a couch potato... and I have developed a very successful system to achieve maximum laziness.

I drag my lifeless body into bed around 7:15 AM (there's the first problem right there)... then force myself to sleep until at LEAST 2:00. The past few days, its been 4:00.

Since I've worn myself out sleeping ALL day... I then put on my glamorous robe (my perma-outfit this week), brush my teeth, force myself to eat "brunchinner", throw my once again lifeless body on the green couch and watch "Gilmore Girls" on DVD. I think I have almost made it through two full seasons already.

Reece comes home... rubs my feet... forces me to eat something else (food=yuck on this schedule)... and I anxiously watch the clock for the last possible minute that I must take a shower, usually around 9:30 PM. The clock strikes 11, and I'm off to work, to sit in a chair and write ALL NIGHT LONG.

I actually don't mind the shift, and I love producing my own show.
But I have got to reintroduce myself to the real world again.
Maybe I will be adventurous next week and wander aimlessly around Target, just to get some human interaction.


Kate said...

Jessica, this job is totally preparing you to be a mom. ;) Only replace "sleeping" and "watching TV on the couch" with "breaking-up-fights-changing-diapers-playing-endless-rounds-of-Candyland-serving-food-cleaning-up-food ..."

siovhan said...

Amen and amen. Dude, this sounds just like me only make it I drag myself to bed around 2 am...and wake up at like 11. man. But the rest of it--is a scary mirror image of my life (minus reece, of course).