James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Friday, August 29, 2008

Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again...

As those around me (primarily my husband) load up their backpacks, sharpen their pencils, drop hundreds of dollars on books and set their alarms for early classes... I am surprised to feel a small pang of jealousy.

Don't get me wrong. The day I took my last final was arguably the best day of my life (discovery of free Jason's soft serve is right up there. Oh, and that whole wedding thing too. He He.), and I love my job, but a part of me really wants to be the one loading up MY backpack and groaning about the upcoming hell that will be this semester.

I had some great times in college. As much as I dreaded going there, I came to fully adore BYU (if not for all the oddities that provided endless entertainment). And I actually find myself missing good old P-Town every once in awhile. There. I said it. I finally graduated, and I miss school.

I feel a list coming on.

Top 5 Things I Miss From My Cougar Days:
01. My constant companion, Harold. We had some great times together. The big chairs on the main floor kept me fully rested (despite the looks I received when pushing two of them together to form a cot). The study cubbies on the fourth floor housed were the birthplace of some of my best "made up" papers. And all I had to do to feel "popular" was stand in the "No Shhhh" zone for about 5 minutes. Guaranteed to see every single person you know. Seriously. Try it.

02. The Medieval Club: Oh how your sword fights and tights kept me enthralled on days that I was too stressed to even function. Yes, you reminded me daily WHY I came to BYU in the first place. No matter how bad things were in my life, I had YOU to remind me that it could be worse.

03. The Police Beat: No explanation required...

*A building security officer was injured after biking down a grassy hill on campus. The officer did not see a bike rack at the end of the steep hill and ran into the rack. He suffered a broken wrist and elbow.
*A deer was hit by a vehicle on Ninth East on the south end of Kimball Hall. Police responded and reported that the deer passed away. BYU grounds removed the deer.
*An assault was reported in R Hall of Deseret Towers. One male student threw a bug on another male student who retaliated by spraying shaving cream on the male that threw the bug. Shaving cream got in the eyes of the first student and the argument quickly escalated and became a physical confrontation.
*It was reported that a heating or cooling duct over a stall in the women's bathroom in the Martin Building had been altered so that someone could possibly see into the stall. The alteration was corrected.
*A student reported two male students throwing acorns off the bridge near the law building on East Campus Drive, hitting another student. When questioned, the male students said they were throwing acorns into the tops of trees to see the reactions of students who thought animals were making the noises in the trees. The students were asked to stop throwing acorns.
*A male student in Wymount Terrace reported his load of whites was stolen from the dryer in the community laundry room he had put them.

04. The Football Games. There was something about game day that just made me happy, even when we lost every game. Nothing like hearing the guy in front of you yell at the guy next to him: "Um, oh my heck. You are in my seat. (NOTE: ALL THE SEATS AROUND HIM ARE EMPTY) That's not very righteous." And I love the Cougar fight song. Cheesy, but true.

05. Jogs Around Campus. Because even though Provo is a bubble... campus is pretty darn beautiful, don't you think?


MeganandClaudy said...

Oh the BYU police beat...my favorite was one where this guy called the police because profanity had been written on his car: "pooh"
I hear you on missing BYU. Don't worry that I'll be DRILLING my husband about what he learned and saw everyday when he comes home so I don't fall too out of the loop. I figure I'm gonna need some books to read so I seem studious as well while he does his homework, so any good book suggestions would be appreciated :)

Kevin and Leslie Grady said...


Me too! I feel like a part of me died when I left school...it's been more than two years now and I am having serious withdrawals. Remember, I'll be in town in a few weeks and want to see you! Friday, Sept 19th I want to meet the girls (whoever is around) for lunch. I think we'll be in Orem (maybe a reunion at CPK?)which I know may be a problem for you living in Salt Lake, but if you can make it, that'd be great! I will be in between SLC and Provo on Saturday, so if I don't see you friday, maybe I can meet you then (in between wedding activites of course)...take care!

Kimba said...

I know the feeling! I get jealous every year when school starts, itching to buy supplies and such. One day!

siovhan said...

I seriously was distraught when I thought about not going back to school today. I was so anxious to leave and now I just want back in. haha.

Russ and Emily Jones said...

i love you and want to see you again soon, please. since you forgot to include in your list that you miss people who sing to themselves on campus I did it for you...
love love love you

Jason and Kristin said...

Jessica! How are you doing?!

I totally understand the feeling! Jason went to school, and I went to work. It felt so weird.

I loved this post! I definitely miss those things from BYU as well. It's funny how much you don't realize you'll miss until your gone :)