James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Rock Band... and a Swimming Pool...

Last night we partied with the Wisemans, our fabulous friends in Orem. Here is a picture montage of our evening (courtesy of random internet sites, since I forgot my camera):

And yes, I am obsessed. Not with salmon, not even with Michael Phelps (although four years ago, I was whipped), and although Milk Duds come in a close second... it's Rock Band that holds my heart.
How did I not catch on to this phenomenon earlier?
"Just one more song" turned into about 3 hours of hard core rock. I am now convinced that drumming is my calling. Seriously, I'm really good.
Thank you Wisemans, for introducing this fantastic necessity into our lives. We definitely know what our next big purchase will be (much to our neighbors' dismay).
Also, props to baby Alivia, for being able to sleep through most of our jam session. We can't wait to play parents to her next weekend :)


Ashley and Mikkel said...

Yes those games are addicting! i have never played rock band but we have guitar hero III and I have mad skills! i am also addicted to the new mario kart!

Kimba said...

Ah, Rock Band. My friends and I form the San Josers Rock Band, and we thoroughly enjoy it! Add some salmon and the olympics, and that's pretty much a perfect evening!

Alexis said...

The pic of the salmon is a bit deceiving, but I, too, am excited for our next jam session after watching the Olympics - maybe for our anniversary we'll just come up there and play Rock Band at your place all night and we can pretend like you are the parents of Alivia...

P.S. You left your black sweater here - Just so ya know - we don't have to play these silly games where you guys pretend to leave something here so that you can come back and play Rock Band... we really do enjoy the company of the Ivins! Woo!