James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Monday, May 26, 2008

Sleep vs. Sweat...

Every morning, I face the same headache-inducing dilemma: hit the snooze button just once more and finish that dream about the gondola ride in Venice...OR...drag my lifeless body out of bed, throw on whatever stylish t-shirt/bottoms I can find (yesterday= purple gauchos with my "I Love Bread" tee) and force myself out the door to exercise.

For most people, the answer is obvious. Who would willingly place themselves on a slavery machine that specializes in sweat and pain when they could stay under the cozy covers and enjoy the last few hours of shut eye before the real world rudely interrupts yet again?

I will tell you who...Jessica Maria Ivins.

I am not even sure why. Maybe I do it to feel better about eating those three bowls of Cocoa Krispies the night before. Maybe I do it because I know that swimsuit season is coming at me like an express train, and I feel like I am about to get squashed like a bug. Maybe I really am a morning person (ok, that's too much of a stretch). Maybe I am a masochist. Maybe I am just plain crazy.

As much as I hate exercise, I am addicted as well. There is something about summer mornings, when the sun is coming up and the air is still cool. The roads are quiet and you feel like you might just be the only person in the whole world who is wack-o enough to be awake at this hour. Just me and the Ipod, keeping each other company and keeping each other going.

Somehow, when I get a good run in, I feel better throughout the day, however long and strenuous it may be. I don't have a panic attack when I accidentally down the entire Twix bar that just happened to be sitting in my car. I feel energized and relaxed, ready to face pretty much anything. And there is nothing better than getting into bed at the end of the day, curling up next to the hubby, and feeling my body just collapse into comfort. Somehow my dreams are more vivid and WAY more rockin' than when I haven't pushed myself. We are talking George Clooney dreams, Lake Como villa included :)

So as much as I am dreading the run tomorrow, I am getting excited too. Try it for yourself- you will hate me, but you just might love me as well!


Kristina said...

Man, that's awesome. I just have a hard enough time getting out of bed, let alone to the gym that early also. I'd like to go in the morning (in addition to my evening work out) but for now, I will just not be as good as you! Good on ya!