James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What They DON'T Tell You...

As of this Thursday, I am an official college graduate. Yes, the girl who changed her major four thousand times (Psychology? Nope. Business? Eh. Public Relations? Classes don't fit into my schedule. Classics? Greek would take too much time. Why not just train myself to read from a teleprompter and look good on camera! Bingo.) is finally finishing her five year career as an undergraduate.

So now what? I really, really, really, really need to find a job, and unfortunately broadcast journalists don't make any money (especially BRAND NEW broadcast journalists). I would love to stay at KSL, but I also need to put my husband through school and provide health care benefits (a perk not reserved for on-call producers). You would think that Salt Lake City is bursting with jobs (which it is) but I have no idea where to start. What do I want to do? No idea.

Actually, I would love to go back to Great Harvest and be a bread girl forever, but $6.50 an hour doesn't seem to pay the bills.

I am a college graduate! I have a degree people! Aren't you supposed to just land that perfect job the second the diploma hits your hand? I was pretty sure that it worked that way.

The dilemma becomes more complicated by the fact that we are most likely moving to Logan in August so that Reece can finish school faster. The initial plan was to transfer from the U, but that would double the time it will take to graduate.

My confidence is waning, and I am starting to wonder whether I really have anything to offer the world. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


The Lishes' said...

Hey dear. Remember how cozy it was those four beautiful months in Italy with no jobs and no worries other than which gelato flavor to try? I miss it everyday.

It all goes back to the Grey's quote, "We are adults now? When did that happen? And how do we make it stop?”

erin & todd said...

Hey Jess,
I wrote on your facebook wall about this but I have something else to add. So we have a job opening at my office in SLC, but if you are moving to Logan, I could put you in contact with my old boss. I did PR/Marketing for the Research office at USU and it was a great job. Not sure if that's up your alley, but it's worth a shot!

Kristina said...

I am in the same situation!! Only my city is Denver. I'm heading over to the career and counseling center in the next few weeks for help. The BYU alumni job search and placement services are excellent, I hear. Good luck!!

Massagem said...

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Kimba said...

First of all, congrats!!!!!!! Second, I am so jealous. So, so, so, so.......jealous. Sigh.
Logan! Yeah! My sister loved it up there, and at least you have friends! Woo! I bet a lot of jobs will open up in the summer actually, since that's when people move home etc. Just find something you'll enjoy, because let me tell you, if you don't it sucks. Despite the money, despite the benefits, despite knowing you're putting your husband through school, every single day will suck. So. Something you love!

Munch & Crunch said...

CONGRATS!!!! Oh i remember this exact feeling last year when i graduated...I was so stressed because I felt like I was graduating and everyone else had all these amazing plans to dive right into and i didn't. I was totally blessed to be able to eventually find the job that I have now, so I can promise you everything will work out for you! But in the mean time don't forget how amazing it is that you have a college degree. I think so much of what you learn in college doesn't even pertain to your major classes if you know what I mean. It will all work out for you :) You're adorable! (p.s. i wished i would have known you lived right by the gateway. Waking up at 4 AM. Not something I want to do again. xoxoxo