James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wanted: Perfect Mate...

Can I begin by expressing my elation over The Office's return to Thursday nights? Finally, Thursdays make sense again.

Tonight's episode featured the ever-infuriating Michael Scott attempting to find the perfect woman, resulting in a painful blind date with Pam's landlord/lady who just wasn't hot enough. I found myself recalling a certain "List" that I came up with when I was in 7th grade...the list that just kept getting longer as I became a more experienced dater. You know the one...
Requirements For My Future Husband (an excerpt from my 7th Grade Journal, condensed version):
*Dark, wavy hair
*Rock hard, chiseled abs
*Strong, broad shoulders
*Great lower back
*White teeth, contributing to the "ping" smile
*Big dreamy eyes
*Hair-free back and chest
*Hilariously hilarious
*Great back-rubber
*Loves kids
*Preferably a doctor, lawyer or male model
Sidenote: How the heck did I even know what chiseled abs were at age 13?

Anyway, look who I caught:

My Reecey is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and there is no way that my 7th-grade mind could ever have been capable of dreaming up all of the characteristics that make him the most incredible husband in the world. Cheesy? Yes. But I doubt you will find a better Prince Charming, no matter where you search.
*Except for maybe George Clooney :)


The Gunters said...

can you please insert the "princess diana" entry? please??

aubrie said...

You two are so freaking cute together. The end.

K-town said...

Haha, I remember those kind of lists. I wanted my husband to be a dancer. Kurt ... likes dance. Remember how in YW's they told us to have those lists? And then in RS they told us not to have those lists. So confusing!
Here's to every girl getting her own Prince Charming :D

Kimba said...

Great lower back! That's fabulous, seriously. Little did you know you'd find a fabulous husband with the perfect female body (oh he hated when I told him that...). Who doesn't love Reecey? Seriously. :)

Ashley and Mikkel said...

Jessica, Hey this is Ashley knipe, well now it is Ashley Chadburn. I am so glad i stumbled across your blog! i think it has been um since like 9th grade since we have seen and or talked to each other! wow i miss those days of Alma's class and the giddish laughter! well i am new to the blogging world and am excited to find old friends and see what they are up to. i want you to know that i am a devoted top model and office watcher also! well i hope to hear from you in the future! -Ashley

Ashley and Mikkel said...

Hey its ashley again, i don't know if i am supposed to leave my blog address or if it will come with my message i left earlier. . .(again this is new to me so please don't judge) so i guess i will give it to you, it is