James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Ladies, if you find yourself "baby hungry", there are several things you really should avoid:

1. Hanging out with pregnant pals. We had dinner with our good friends the Wisemans tonight, and little Alivia is about to join the group. We've been friends throughout the whole pregnancy, and seeing their darling little nursery and teeny-tiny diapers made me CRAZY with baby fever. If they can do it Reece, so can we.

2. Working at a mall. My store just happens to be next door to Kiddie Candids, and what does a mother do after taking pictures of her beautiful child? She goes next door to Maurices to torture Jessica, that's what. Seriously people, leave your gorgeous offspring at home!

3. Listen to General Conference talks about starting that family NOW. If the cute babies don't get to you, the guilt will.

I love watching all the color drain from my husband's face :) It happens quite frequently these days.

Also, if anyone needs a babysitter, consider me your gal.


Reddeye said...

If any color drained from Reece's face, wouldn't that make him...see through?

M'Liss said...

I will keep that in mind...but mines not really a baby anymore. But he sure is a blast! 4 year olds say the funniest things.

aubrie said...

Hilarious. I see cute little babies all the time at my job too, but most of the time their parents don't take care of them at all. I keep telling Corey we're going to have to adopt them all...guess how much he likes that?

Jennifer said...

Haha, they don't say to have kids NOW in General Conference. If they did I'd have an excuse to convince my husband with!

manono said...

i say take both tests. options are always good

i wouldn't stress or try to prepare for either. just trust

hold off on the kids. no doubt they are the best thing ever but there is also a downside

come see us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!