James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Monday, March 10, 2008

F. H. E.

Family Home Evening. Never really had it growing up. My parents did try, and I give them credit for their effort, but we always faught it, and we faught it hard. Monday nights at the Rogers' house were filled with passionate protest from all four children: "I'm busy!" "I have homework!" "I think I am getting sick..." "I hate her!" "Can't we just skip the song and lesson and get to the treat part?"

My dad's equally passionate response: "Silence! We will have fun, damnit!"

In college, I was always the recipient of the cookies that my "family" had baked for that week's activity.

When Reece and I went into our Stake President's interview before we were married, the Stake President challenged us to make FHE a habit in our home, starting with the first monday of our marriage. Although I can't say we have been totally consistent, we did hold FHE tonight...lesson and all. And we made (and ate) these:

So much for that 10 pounds I am trying to lose. I knew this whole FHE thing was a bad idea :)

And, for your enjoyment, a poorly lit family picture, in honor of the evening of familes:


Kimba said...

Mmm...cookies...that sounds divine right now. And bytheway, marriage = 10 lbs. I'm not even kidding you. Maybe even 15. We've been married nearly 3 years now I was finally getting back to my wedding day weight (plus a few, it's what happens when you actually EAT for cryin' out loud). Just know that it's mandatory, The Marriage Gods say so. Also? If that's your 10 lbs, I am insanely jealous. You're my normal!