James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Masters Degree vs. Law Degree

Come April I will be an official college graduate. The event that I have anticipated since kindergarten is so close I can almost taste it. After 17 years, I am so DONE!

So why in heaven's name do I feel the need to go BACK to school?
I am starting to feel that panic that so many before me have experienced. NOW WHAT? Do I actually have to be a grown-up in a very grown-up world?

The wise Meredith Grey posed this very question: We're adults. How did that happen? And how do we make it stop? I hear ya sister.

I am currently torn between taking the LSAT or the GRE (for a masters in journalism/communication). I hate tests, always have. So why am I willingly subjecting myself to some of the most miserably intense examinations available to mankind?

After that, I get to apply to college...again. I may sound like I am repeating myself, but WHY would I drag myself through THAT process again? The essays...the application fees...the transcripts...and, worst of all...the waiting. I am already getting a headache.

On top of all of that...graduate programs are NOT cheap.

Ok, so maybe I love school. Maybe I love learning new things. Maybe I need to prove to myself that I can actually do big things. Maybe I need to be protected by the walls of a collegiate institution for just a bit longer. Maybe I really have always wanted this, and managed to push the idea out of my mind during the years of mid-terms, 10-page research papers, late-night cramming and caffeine-filled Finals Weeks.

All I know is that I am starting to miss school, and it looks like I'm going to go crawling back.


Reddeye said...

vs. Third-degree burns when Satan's Little Helper sets fire to your green couch.

M'Liss said...

I know, I know. Just go back to school and get a teaching certificate and then you get to be at school and learn new things as your career! :) Can you tell that I'm going to be one? Seriously though...it is a goal of mine to get my PhD someday. So even though taking tests, writing essays, and filling out applications suck...school is so good!