James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Monday, March 31, 2008

Take Me Away...

I am sitting at a desk, checking the little clock on the bottom right corner of my computer screen MUCH too frequently. This is always a bad sign. I am going to invent a "Take Me Away Button". It's purpose will be simple: with one touch, I could be transported back in time to a place I have visited (and would rather be). The "speed dial" feature on this ingenious contraption would be programmed as follows:

1) Italy (Rome, Venice, Florence, Pisa, Cinque Terre, Lago Como..... all cities included)
2) New York City (Grimaldi's, Brooklyn Bridge, Downtown, Uptown, Central Park, Brooklyn, SoHo, the Village, Washington Square Park, Bleeker...I am running out of room)
3) Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, Toledo, Valencia, McDonald's Ice Cream Cones...mouth watering)
4) San Francisco (Home sweet home. Nothing could be more beautiful that that city on the bay)
5) London (West End, Picadilly Circus, The Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Parliament, The Eye, Notting Hill, the museums, Portabello Road, the tube, the parks, the shopping...totally worth the arm and leg you have to sell to afford it)
6) Puerto Vallarta (Honeymoon. Enough said.)
7) Oregon Coast (who says the beach has to be warm to be wonderful?)
8) Boston (love, love, love)
9) Hawaii (because seriously, who wouldn't rather be in Hawaii?)
10) Switzerland (I am having a serious chocolate craving)

Perhaps I should expand the speed dial capacity of my button.


The Wrights said...

Hi.. I just found your page and see that you already found us! Looks like life is Bliss! Hope all is going well for you and you life. It's been forever! I saw you on the BYU channel the other day! You looked so cute! Keep in touch!
Lizzy Wright

M'Liss said...

I would like a "take me away" button to "Jessica...come to bed." That would be amazing.