James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Friday, March 28, 2008


I am an emotional person. I have never been good at hiding my feelings, try as I might. I might as well open a clothing line featuring happy, sad, frustrated, nervous etc. on each sleeve (get it?). Although I am not necessarily fond of this inability to appear calm and cool, Reece tells me that my capacity to feel things makes me a unique person. I think this is his "nice" way of telling me to rope those crazy hormones in.

For whatever reason, an the feeling that has been overwhelming me lately is guilt. What a horrible thing to be plagued with. Here are some of the things I felt guilty about today:

1) Asking Reece to make the bed, even though I knew he was running late.
2) Not calling in sick to spend the day with my kitten, who was left alone from 9 am to 11 pm. Somebody should call the Humane Society and report me- I am a horrible pet owner :(
3) Using some...ahem...choice words when expressing my frustrations with the guy who cut me off on the freeway this morning. Who knew I could be so attached to a horn?
4) Eating freshly baked chocolate chip cookies with vanilla ice cream at 10:30 pm. So much for all the exercise this week.
5) Yelling at Reece for licking my cheek when he got home. OK, to be honest, I SHOULD feel guilty about that, but he deserved it...it was gross and annoying.
6) Not waking up earlier so that I could go to the gym this morning.
7) Not finishing the last of the Thank You cards from the wedding.
8) Did I mention leaving my 4 month old kitten alone in a tiny apartment ALL DAY?
9) Yelling at Reece for informing me that the supposedly "healthy" beans that I ate at the Mexican restaurant tonight were, in fact, fairly fattening (are we sensing a trend? Stupid bathing suit season...)
10) Forcing the reader of this blog to read this tedious list.

I need to figure out how to compensate for all the bad decisions I make. I think tomorrow I will spend the whole day with my kitten, kiss my husband, go to the gym, finish those Thank Yous, eat a big salad, make the bed and comment on the driving skills of those around me. There, I feel better already!


Amy said...

I gotta say, if that's the best you can come up with for feeling guilty, you're not as bad a person as you think you are! :)

aubrie said...

Wow, we're pretty much the same person I guess. Wearing our feelings on our sleeves & feeling guilty about every little stupid thing. Not so fun, eh?
P.S. I agree with Amy.

Kimba said...

Oh honey. Try two soft tacos from Taco Bell at 12:30 am. That was last night. I could name like, 10 others. Along with the little bag of crunchy Cheetos I'm about to partake of.