James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Thursday, February 28, 2008

SIster Rogers

So...the big news in my family is that my sister Alysha has been called to serve in the Montevideo, Uruguay mission! My mom questions the actual existence of this place, seeing as how she, and I quote: "has never heard of anyone actually going there. Isn't it somewhere south? Where is a map? I need some solid proof." Anyone who knows my sister will enthusiastically agree with me when I say that she will be a stellar missionary. She will most likely use song and interpretive dance to convert the people in Uruguay (as Reece says, she is a "walking musical". Ever seen the movie Enchanted? Life story of Alysha...), and she is hoping to catch a parasite and come back super skinny (forget the cranberry juice diet). I have strict instructions to stay un-impregnated for the next nine months...that way she will be around when (and IF) a baby is born. I am so proud of my little weirdo, and am so thrilled for her and her upcoming adventure. Added bonus: trip to Uruguay. She has to have someone to pick her up, right?

I also have to add that my brother Adam is currently serving in Ventura, CA... Anyone up for forming a "Left Behind by Younger Siblings" support group? Christmas is going to feel very lonely this year :(
Also, let me explain this picture. Alysha is on the left, Kellan (my brother-in-law) is on the right. They are sleeping. On the same couch. During conference. in other words, they are sleeping together during conference. Lets hope she can get it together before May 10th.


becca said...

i lived in ventura till i was 8! that is neat.