James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Thursday, February 28, 2013

January in retrospect, the second...

The most disturbing turn of events in January came in the form of about 21 scattered hairs on Reece's upper lip.

 Thankfully it only lasted a few days, but the residual nightmares live on.

Di and I managed to go out twice -- our first date involved an impromptu trip to Target for treats and the smuggling of said treats into Les Mis.

We really splurged later in the month and got a room at the glamorous and exotic South Provo La Quinta Inn.

The Sundance Film Festival kicked off that weekend, so we headed up the canyon for dinner at the Foundry Grill.

 And then we got three hours of sleep, woke up and ate waffles.
Our outings are almost always built around food.

Reece has Fridays off this semester, which has been absolutely lovely.
One particularly freezing Friday, we took the kids to the BYU Museum of Art.
The Monsters and Superheroes exhibit was a big hit with the kids, and Reece was more than jazzed to have finally tracked down Bigfoot.

The Andy Warhol collection had James captivated, and Lola cried when we pulled her from the "Clouds."

 Lola was spotlighted at preschool, which meant a poster had to be made.
Making anything with paper and glue falls in the category of crafting -- something at which I am terribly horrible.

And so I stayed up until about 2 a.m. gluing and cutting and pulling my hair out, but my girl seemed thrilled with the result so it was worth it.
Plus, I bought a box of donuts for her to bring along to class and ate two on the way, so, you know, all was well.

I'm so glad we put Lola in school this year.  We had our reservations, but she is thriving.  She's happy, she's excited to learn, she loves Mrs. Shauna and her friends and she's proud of her accomplishments (she can count to ten in Spanish AND she can write her name!).
This is really one of the best things that's ever happened to her.

 Kelly and I went star searching in Park City during the Film Festival.
It was cheesy and stalkerish and crazy fun.

Plus, we spotted a few celebrities.
Including George Michael Bluth himself...

 And since I took about 40 gazillion pictures in January, I'll just end with a deluge of some of my favorites.
And yes, James is wearing a princess dress (hazard of having an older sister who wants to play fairy godmother) and yes, sometimes I vacuum my kid's tummy when we're bored.