James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ultimate Couples Weekend 2012...

Over Labor Day weekend, Reece and I flew to Southern California for a baby-free couples weekend with a bunch of my college friends.

It was the strangest thing, getting on the plane with nothing but a magazine and a DDP in my lap.
Can't tell you the last time I did that...

My amazing friend Sarah organized the whole thing and turned her parents' gorgeous Laguna Beach home into our ritzy resort for the weekend.

 The very best thing about the trip (aside from quality Reece time, of course): catching up with some of my dearest friends whom I rarely get to see these days.

Reece was the only witness present for the reunion of Shannon, Sarah and I.
Poor guy probably lost his hearing from all the screaming.
Love, love, love these ladies.
With my whole heart.

The view from Hotel di Cowan:

The weekend routine went a little something like this:

Sleep in.
Pack up cooler.
Beach, beach, beach.

 The menfolk spent a lot of time playing beach bocce, while the girls stuck to gossip mags, diet coke and gabbing.

 We did manage to get out of our bathing suits a couple of times.
Once for a gender-segregated dinner at Fashion Island...

Once for pedicures...

The furthest we ever ventured from the beach was to LA for a Dodgers game and chocolate souffle with the Corneliuses and the Hamiltons.

We missed our babies, but it was SO nice to spend a few carefree days with people we love, acting like the irresponsible kids we were when we first got married.

MY BYU peeps remain some of my favorite on this earth.

Thanks Sarah, for the perfect weekend.

Sidenote: the best way to spot a Utah-bound plane is to look for a gigantic pile of strollers.


Sarah Larsen said...

ahh! i love this post. Thank you for joining us!! It was seriously the best weekend. Loved having you guys there - and reliving it through your post. Already counting down the days to UCW 2013! xoxo