James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Monday, August 6, 2012

Waterfalls and gold mining...

Trip Advisor has become my best friend here in Seattle.
Most of what we've done here has been a direct result of its wisdom.

There is no end of things to do and see in this city, but much of it is hidden and easily overlooked.
That's where Trip Advisor has really come through.

One afternoon we met up with Becky and her boys with the goal of checking off several items from our bucket lists.

First stop: Waterfall Garden.
It's a little park tucked behind the hustle and bustle of Pioneer Square -- you'd miss if you blinked.
Guess what the major attraction happens to be!

Unfortunately the sound of trickling water did a number on my girl's bladder.
She had her first accident in weeks.

Needless to say, she wanted outta there.

So we went hunting for gold (and a bathroom) instead.
The Klondike Gold Rush Museum is most definitely one of Seattle's hidden gems.
It's tiny, it's less than flashy and you can see the whole thing in about 20 minutes, but it's also free (my favorite word!) and full of great stories about Seattle's role in the gold rush.

Lola and Bennett each received a Junior Ranger packet filled with games and a scavenger hunt which kept them busy all afternoon.

 After getting our fill of the gold rush, we spent some time walking around Pioneer Square.
I dig this part of the city -- quirky, historical and littered with totem poles.

 Some of the best days we've had in Seattle have been the days filled with random spontaneity.


tracie said...

Please tell me how you have so much energy to take your kids everywhere?? And they do so well! That waterfall place is GORGEOUS. Trip Advisor is the best.