James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Three years of Lola girl...

Dear Lola Maria,

Today, despite my deepest protests, you turned three years old.

You've been talking about your birthday for months now, asking us at least once a day if it was August yet.  I'm not sure you cared much about the gifts or the balloons or the partying -- you just wanted to be able to blow out three candles on your very own pink cupcake.

Oh my girl.

You are such a good little friend.
You know exactly what to say when I'm feeling blue.
You know when I need you to slip your little hand in mine.
You know when I need a bite of your fruit roll up.
You know when I need one of your world-famous smooches.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that you are only three, because most of the time you act so much older.
You take such good care of your brother.
You speak so well and tell the most captivating tales.
Your imagination astounds me -- even the most mundane object or situation can become magical in your eyes, and often does.
You are passionate about your books and have most of them memorized by the second time we read them.

You love to learn and are constantly asking how, what, and why.
I think you have a need to understand the world around you, and you take great joy in discovering life.
I hope you never, ever lose that devotion to your quest.

You are one of the most opinionated people I've ever met, and I work in the news, so I've met my fair share of opinionated people.

Pink is the only color worth looking at.
Popsicles are OK to eat even after you've brushed your teeth.
You are a ballerina princess, NOT a girl.
Dresses and skirts are the only attire that belong on your body. 

I admire the way you stick to your convictions (even though it often makes me want to pull my hair out).

Your fierce independence makes me smile, mostly because it reminds me a lot of my own.
I hope that independent streak empowers you to do and be whatever you set your mind to.  I hope it helps you conquer new places, experiences and relationships without fear.
We think you'd make a fantastic attorney, because you can argue/justify your way out of (or into, for that matter) anything.
Your logic makes us laugh as often as it makes us crazy, and we stand amazed at your razor-sharp wit.
No one can make me laugh like my Lola girl.

You are incredibly thoughtful and deliberate.
Often you'll walk up to me, stroke my hair and say, "I have a the most beautiful mama ever."
And when that happens, I want to squeeze you so hard you'll never, ever be able to escape me.
Because I need you.
Life is just better and brighter and more hopeful when you're around.

You are the definition of sassy.
So much so, that your dad and I often fall speechless to your quips.

"You're killing me insane, mom."
"You need to stop."
"Um, you can't say no to me."
"YOU go to bed! I'm going to Target!" 
We haven't quite figured out how we're going to defend ourselves come the teenage years, so go easy on us, OK?

Above all else, baby girl of mine, know that you are loved.
By so many people.
You've been blessed with incredible family, family who would do anything for you.
You've been equally blessed with amazing friends, many of whom fit more logically in the family category.
Never take for granted those relationships.
Cherish them always, because when it comes down to it, love is everything.

Dearest Lola, you will forever be the tiny girl who made me a mother -- the one who taught me everything I know about loving someone more than myself.
You are my best girlfriend, and that will never, ever change -- no matter what life throws our way.

I love you, my darling.
If you only remember one thing about me, please let that be it.

Happiest of birthdays to a little lady we adore.


Your mama


Emily said...

Happy Birthday Lola! What a sweet, adorable girl! I can't believe you are three!