James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Laguna love...

This vacation recap may be the death of me.
I'm ready to move on with my life...

We spent the last evening of our California getaway in Laguna Beach.
It's a lovely little town filled with lovely little streets filled with lovely little shops and restaurants and we simply love it there.

 My children consumed more sugar on this vacation that they have in the sum of all their days.
The only thing James ate a bigger portion of was sand.
This kid loves sand.

Want to know what Reece and I don't love?
The contents of post-sand consumption diapers.
Extremely offensive.
I'll say nothing more on that subject.

Let's just take a minute to discuss a very valuable parenting tactic we were able to master throughout this particular trip.
I'd like to call it, Jamesing.

Lola is not one to do things unless she wants to do them, and smiling for pictures often falls into the "not even remotely interested" category. 

Here's proof:

But good glory, we've found a loophole!

It goes a little something like this...
Set James down in the place where the desired photo spot, commence cooing and clapping and viola!

 She's big on squishing his cheeks these days.
He doesn't seem to mind, so I continue to snap away.

We ended our ocean affair with a bang -- bundled up with my siblings on a towel, watching the magnificent sunset and freezing our tooshies off.

So much to be happy about.


Amy said...

1. The difference (one of many) between you and me is that I didn't know Lagoona Beach was named after a real place. Sad. And true.

2. Even Lola can't resist pinching those cheeks. Poor boy will never know the peace of a personal space bubble will he?

3. I would like to follow you through life. Just sayin'.